Far North Queensland Skies Cairns and Townsville Airport, Australia

Far North Queensland Skies Cairns and Townsville Airport, Australia

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Thursday 31 May 2012

FNQ Yestayear Images - May 1991

Thanks to GAFLIKS for providing info and pictures.
BAC 1-11 smoking out, a familiar sight soon to be
seen no more over North Cairns, every Tue and Sat
 morning when PK-PJF departs on its bi-weekly
rotation to Timika.

another shot of Freeport's PK-PJF (wears Pelita c/s)
 just before its turns onto the SID off rw15 taken
from a Robinson.  Freeport advised this month that
 Airfast would take over the contract using 732's in the
 latter half of the year.

The Westwind Seascan joined the Customs fleet
(Nomad and Commander) at Cairns in May

VH-LLX is seen here 10 May rotating out on one
 of its early missions (2 shots)

Following code sharing with Ansett, Flight West (FWA)
 introduced a second coastal milk run
 (BNE-GLA-ROK-TSV-CNS) using the miscast
 EMB120 Brasilia, more suited to longer legs, one
 of two operated is seen here at Cairns.
The other daily service was operated by Dash8, one
of which (VH-XFT) is shot here from a company DHC-6
Visits by two 3rd level PNG operators, the 22 May
saw C402 P2-SAV of Chimbu based Simba Air visit...

...while the next day P2-GKH Cessna 402 of Nadzab
based North Coast Aviation. (This airframe is now
a dive site off Madang) after running out of fuel
not long after this shot was taken. 

Citation X HS-KCS departs

HS-KCS C750 Townsville-Mackay-Emerald-Gladstone

HS-KCS C750 at Townsville

ASY501 A41-209

ASY501 A41-209 C17 7CF86C Amberley-Townsville-Darwin
MNTR5 A97-449 C130 7CF835 Townsville-Darwin

Thanks Dave for the picture and report.

A41-209 C17 at Townsville

Wednesday 30 May 2012

MJets CitationX HS-KCS arrives Townsville

HS-KCS C750 Denpasar-Townsville

Thanks Dave for the pictures.

HS-KCS C750 arriving Townsville

HS-KCS C750 at Townsville

Adventist Aviation Services PAC 750XL arrives Cairns

P2-SDC P750 Redcliffe-Cairns, (29/5 flew Ardmore-Kerikeri-Lord Howe Is-Redcliffe)

P2-SDC P750 arriving Cairns

Tuesday 29 May 2012

Hevilift Bell 212 P2-HCQ

P2-HCQ B212 Mt Hagen-Horn Is-Cairns

P2-HCQ B212 at Cairns

P2-HCQ B212 at Cairns

Dragon 11 visits the Far North

DRGN11 KC30 A39-004 Amberley-Townsville-Cairns-Rockhampton-Amberley

Selection of pictures today of A39-004 at both Townsville and Cairns.
Thanks Dave for providing the Townsville pictures.

A39-004 KC30 touching down at Cairns

A39-004 KC30 taxiing at Townsville

A39-004 KC30 taxiing at Cairns

A39-004 KC30 arriving Townsville

A39-004 KC30 taxiing at Cairns

Jetstar adds an extra 200,000 seats to Cairns

JETSTAR is boosting its flights into Cairns, and taking over seven Qantas services, in its bid to become the No.1 airline flying to the Far North.
The boost means more than 200,000 extra seats will be available on the low-cost carrier’s Cairns-bound flights during the next financial year. The Gold Coast to Cairns service will have the biggest increase, with seven new flights added to the route from September 13.

Courtesy of Cairns Post.

File Picture - VH-EBE A332 at Cairns

Monday 28 May 2012

Mentor3 C130J arrives Townsville

MNTR3 A97-441 C30J Richmond-Townsville-Darwin

Thanks again Dave for the report and great pics!

A97-441 C30J at Townsville

A97-441 C30J at Townsville

Sunday 27 May 2012

RNZAF KIW295 arrives Townsville

KIW295 NZ7572 B752 C87F01 Ohakea?-Townsville-Darwin

Thanks Dave for the info and pictures!

NZ7572 B752 at Townsville

NZ7572 B752 at Townsville

NZ7572 B752 at Townsville

Saturday 26 May 2012

Robinson R44 VH-OLA at the Port Douglas Carnivale

Local operator Skysafari operating VH-OLA R44 turned up at the Port Douglas Carnivale Beach Day!

VH-OLA R44 on Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas

VH-OLA R44, Port Douglas

Friday 25 May 2012

PNG Weekly Report 14-20 May

14/5 P2-PNG BE30 Port Moresby-Cairns
14/5 VH-CMS LJ35 Coolangatta-Port Moresby (15/5 to Brisbane)
15/5 VH-CFO C550 Coolangatta-Cairns-Port Moresby (to become P2-SOS)
15/5 P2-HCI B212 Cairns-Cooktown...
15/5 P2-HCJ B212 Cairns-Cooktown...
15/5 VH-KAC B412 Cairns-Lockhart River-Thursday Is. ....
16/5 P2-MAX BE20 Port Moresby-Cairns
17/5 VH-PDX CVLT Port Moresby-Cairns-Port Moresby
17/5 VP-CFP C750 Brisbane-Port Moresby-(Brisbane)
18/5 P2-PXI DH8B Darwin-Cairns
18/5 P2-MAX BE20 Cairns-Port Moresby
19/5 VH-PDW CVLT Mt Hagen-Cairns
20/5 VH-PDW CVLT Cairns-Port Moresby
20/5 ASY490 A97-448 C30J Amberley-Port Moresby-Richmond
20/5 N9253V GLEX Brisbane-Gurney-Port Moresby-Singapore

Thanks Mike for the infils.

P2-PXI DH8B at Cairns

VH-PDW CVLT at Cairns

File Picture - VH-CMS LJ35 at Cairns

File Picture - VP-CFP C750 at Cairns

Tuesday 22 May 2012

Dragon 93 arriving Townsville

DRGN93 A39-003 KC30 7CF866 Amberley-Townsville-Amberley

Thanks Dave for the pictures and report.

A39-003 A332 arriving Townsville

A39-003 A332 arriving Townsville

JetGo stall, but Curry ready

FLEDGLING airline JetGo will touch down in Cloncurry in the near future, if all goes to plan.
The airline, which is promising to get miners to work and home faster, was due to fly into Cloncurry last week but was held up due to paperwork.

Article courtesy of the Northweststar:

Eurocopter AS35 P2-THS heading south

P2-THS AS35 PNG....-Coen-Cairns-Townsville...

P2-THS AS35 at Cairns

P2-THS AS35 departing Cairns

Monday 21 May 2012

Jetstar 11 diverts to Cairns

JST11 VH-EBK A332, enroute Coolangatta to Narita diverted to Cairns. After a short stopover the flight continued onto Narita.

JST11 VH-EBK arriving Cairns

JST11 VH-EBK departing Cairns

Sunday 20 May 2012

Last couple of days at YBTL

STAL92 A41-209 C17A 7CF86C arrived Townsville

ASY509 A41-206 C17A 7CF869 arrived Townsville
EVY95 A36-001 B737 7CF85C arrived Townsville

ASY297 A36-002 B737 7CF85D Townsville-Dili
ASY293 A36-001 B737 7CF85C Townsville-Honolulu

Thanks Dave for the report and pictures.
A36-001 B737 at Townsville

A36-001 B737 at Townsville

A41-206 C17 arriving Townsville


Citation X VP-CFP departs south

VP-CFP C750 424145 Cairns-Rockhampton-Maroochydore-Brisbane-Gold Coast

VP-CFP C750 departing Cairns

Saturday 19 May 2012

Citation X VP-CFP

VP-CFP C750 424145 Gold Coast-Brisbane-Maroochydore-Hervey Bay-Townsville-Cairns

Pictures taken by Dave at Townsville.

VP-CFP C750 arriving Townsville

VP-CFP C750 at Townsville

KIW608 NZ1882 departs

KIW608 NZ1882 BE20 Cairns-Darwin-Dili-Darwin

NZ1882 BE20 at Cairns

Friday 18 May 2012

RNZAF Kingair arrives Cairns

KIW608 NZ1882 BE20 Amberley-Rockhampton-Hamilton Is-Townsville-Cairns

NZ1882 BE20 at Cairns

NZ1882 BE20 at Cairns

ISA - Virgin returns to our skies

FOR the first time in 11 years, the North West region will gain the benefit of a choice of two major airlines with Virgin Australia to begin services between Mount Isa and Brisbane in August.

Full article from the Northweststar:


Air Niugini Dash 8 P2-PXI touches down in Cairns

P2-PXI DH8B 89806F Darwin-Cairns

P2-PXI DH8B landing at Cairns, Picture taken by Steve

P2-PXI DH8B at Cairns

Wednesday 16 May 2012

PNG weekly report 7-13 May

7/5 XA-MYN CL60 Yogyakarta-Adisutjipto -Port Moresby-Nadi
8/5 ANG6091 P2-ANK DH8B Cairns-Port Moresby, ex maintenance
8/5 P2-BWF P750 Mt Hagen-Horn Is-Cairns
8/5 ASY515 A41-210 C17 Amberley-Port Moresby-Amberley
9/5 VH-PDX CVLT Cairns-Port Moresby
12/5 P2-OMH PAY2 Cairns-Mt Hagen
12/5 TOK951 P2-KSJ AT43 Mt Hagen-Cairns
12/5 VH-UHF UH1 Cairns-Cooktown... (11/5 Innisfail-Cairns)
12/5 N9253V GLEX Singapore-Port Moresby

Air Niugini P2-ANK DH8B at Cairns

P2-OMH PAY2 at Cairns

Central Aviation P2-BWF P750 at Cairns