Far North Queensland Skies Cairns and Townsville Airport, Australia

Far North Queensland Skies Cairns and Townsville Airport, Australia

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Wednesday 29 February 2012

Late Thomson arrives

TOM939 G-OOBE B752 arrived Cairns today one day late after dropping into Nadi with a Tech problem. (28/2 Papeete-Nadi and 29/2 Nadi-Cairns)

(File Picture) - G-OOBE B752

Joker 21 and Joker 22 in our Northern Skies

B-52's JOKER21 & JOKER22 were noted again rounding Cape York enroute from Andersen AB to the Delamere Range N.T. and return.

Thanks Mike for the info

FNQ Yestayear Images - February 2001

Thanks GAFLIKS for providing info and pictures
Typical wet season descends on Aeroglen Terminal

21Feb 1991 VH-IPF DC-9-33F Ipec...........
several CNS-TSV-CNS shuttles due highway closed

PNG Weekly Report 20-26 Feb

20/2 P2-PNG B350 Cairns-Port Moresby
21/2 D-FIMI C208 Cairns-Port Moresby
22/2 N615AR DHC6 Majuro-Port Moresby
23/2 N615AR DHC6 Port Moresby-Brisbane
23/2 P2-SIR KODI Goroka-Cairns
23/2 VH-JMK C550 Cairns-Port Moresby-Townsville
23/2 P2-SAH C208 Port Moresby-Cairns
24/2 P2-KSF DHC6 Cairns-Port Moresby
24/2 P2-SIR KODI Cairns-Port Moresby
25/2 P2-KSS DHC6 Port Moresby-Cairns

P2-KSF DHC6 at Cairns.

P2-PNG B350 at Cairns

P2-SIR KODI at Cairns

Tuesday 28 February 2012

Bizjets in Cairns

N703LH GLF4 Nanjing Lukou-Cairns-Brisbane
TGM231B EC-LEB GLEX Ayers Rock-Cairns

Saturday 25 February 2012

Townsville notes and pictures this week

17/2 VH-TZS AC50 noted in Townsville
17/2 STAL005 A41-209 C17 noted in Townsville
18/2 ZS-ASN DC3 Ayers Rock-Townsville
18/2 STAL035 A41-210 C17 Amberley-Townsville-Darwin
19/2 NZ7002 C130 Townsville-Whenuapai
21/2 STAL005 A41-209 noted in Townsville
23/2 ASY014 CS-TQM A343 Dubai Al Minhad AB-Darwin-Townsville-Sydney-Brisbane
23/2 UTY1011/1012 VH-XWQ F100 Townsville-Cloncurry-Townsville (extra service)

Thanks Dave for the info and great pictures

CS-TQM A343 at Townsville

CS-TQM A343 at Townsville

VH-VBI B737 at Townsville

VH-VBK B737 at Townsville

VH-VGI A320 at Townsville

VH-QQI DH8A at Townsville

RAAF PC9's at Townsville

VH-SWO E170 at Townsville

VH-SWO E170 at Townsville

VH-VYE B738 at Townsville

VH-WZY C208 at Townsville

VH-XDY B1900 at Townsville

Overnight at Cairns

24/2 VH-CXJ LJ45 Townsville-Cairns-Brisbane
25/2 N18WZ GLEX Auckland-Cairns-Auckland

Friday 24 February 2012

N933ML Challenger 605

N933ML CL60 ACF1EC Port Vila-Cairns-Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah

Thanks Mike for the info

N933ML CL60 at Cairns

N933ML CL60 at Cairns

N933ML CL60 at Cairns

N933ML CL60 at Cairns

Thursday 23 February 2012

VP-CFP Citation X

VP-CFP C750 Mareeba-Cairns-Brisbane

VP-CFP at Cairns

Wednesday 22 February 2012

VH-YIF first ops to North Queensland

VOZ783/784 BNE-CNS-BNE was operated by VH-YIF B738 7C7AA5

VH-YIF ferried Lihue-Nadi-Brisbane 27/01/2012.

Tuesday 21 February 2012

PNG Weekly Report 13-19 Feb

13/2 P2-MCW TOK701 Cairns-Lihir Is
13/2 VH-QQF DH8A Cairns Port Moresby
14/2 P2-NTR BE9L Port Moresby-Cairns
14/2 VH-QQF DH8A Lihir Is-Cairns
14/2 VH-LNJ BE20 Townsville-Port Moresby
14/2 N106KM GLF3 Seletar-Port Moresby
15/2 P2-NTR BE9L Cairns-Port Moresby
15/2 VH-LNJ BE20 Port Moresby-Lae-Horn Is-Townsville
15/2 P2-MFV C206 Cairns-Horn Is-Mt Hagen, (14/2 Mareeba-Cairns)
16/2 ANG2091 VH-PDX CVLT Cairns-Port Moresby
16/2 ANG1401/10931 P2-ANM DH8C Moro-Cairns-Port Moresby
18/2 N403LC C130 Lae-Cairns-Port Moresby
18/2 VH-HPE SW4 Brisbane-Cairns-Rabaul
18/2 P2-KSB DHC6 Cairns-Port Moresby
19/2 ANG6090 VH-PDX CVLT Port Moresby-Cairns
19/2 VH-HPE SW4 Rabaul-Cairns-Brisbane

Thanks Mike for the info


P2-MFV C206



P2-KSR AT42 noted at G.A. 18/2/12

Sunday 19 February 2012

B-LCK Gulfstream IV heads back north

B-LCK GLF4 Cairns-Hong Kong, was BNE-CNS 18/2/12

B-LCK GLF4 at Cairns

Also of note earlier this week N96HK TBM8 was Cairns-Darwin 15/2/12 and Darwin-Denpasar 17/2/12.

N96HK TBM8 at Cairns

Saturday 18 February 2012

D-FIMI Cessna Caravan

D-FIMI C208 3D5FB0 Hervey Bay-Cairns 17/2/2012

(3 October 2011 - was Denpasar-Kupang-Darwin)
Thanks Mike for the info

D-FIMI C208 photographed in Cairns

D-FIMI C208 at Cairns

D-FIMI C208 at Cairns
D-FIMI C208 at Cairns
D-FIMI C208 at Cairns

Friday 17 February 2012

Air North takes off from Townsville

Air North began ops from Darwin to Townsville today. The service is operated by a E170 and is scheduled on Monday's and Friday's.
TL182 Darwin-Townsville and TL183 Townsville-Darwin.

Photographed by Dave - VH-SWO ERJ-170 TL182 arriving at Townsville.


Thursday 16 February 2012

B-LCK Gulfstream IV

B-LCK GLF4 Hong Kong-Cairns-Mt Isa

Another Wedgetail to the North

WGTL03 A30-003 E737 Williamtown-Townsville-approach Cairns-Williamtown

Tuesday 14 February 2012

PNG Weekly Report 6-12 Feb

6/2 CUS088 VH-ZZJ DH8B Port Moresby-Cairns
6/2 RESCU441 VH-PPV D328 Lae-Cairns
6/2 P2-BWE P750 Mt Hagen-Cairns
7/2 VH-PDX CVLT Cairns-Port Moresby
7/2 VH-LEP GL5T Dili-Port Moresby
7/2 N102A GLEX Melbourne-Port Moresby
8/2 VH-LEP GL5T Port Moresby-Honiara
9/2 VH-LNJ BE20 Maroochydore-Townsville-Lihir Is
10/2 VH-BTI PA31 Port Moresby-Cairns
10/2 VH-SKU BE20 Cairns-Port Moresby
11/2 LYC579 N403LC C130 Lae-Cairns-Port Moresby
12/2 P2-MCS DHC6 Port Moresby-Horn Is-Cairns
12/2 ANG2090 VH-PDX CVLT Port Moresby-Cairns
12/2 TFX532 ZK-TLA B73F Port Moresby-Cairns
12/2 P2-PNG B350 Port Moresby-Cairns
12/2 TOK842 P2-MCW DH8A Port Moresby-Cairns

Thanks Mike for the info.



P2-BWE P750


N403LC C130