Far North Queensland Skies Cairns and Townsville Airport, Australia

Far North Queensland Skies Cairns and Townsville Airport, Australia

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Friday 31 October 2014

FNQ Yestayear Images - October 1993

Airlink PNG leased EMB110 VH-WDI seen here in basic livery and title prior to departing for PNG on the 3rd

Undertaking a round world flight was this Canadian registered Malibu C-GKOL flown by Ross Bowie and Otto Keller.  Seen here on the 2nd, the trip began at Bangor, Maine on an easterly track.  The aircraft went on to New Zealand and Fiji to continue its flight.

Yet another ex PNGDF C-47, P2-005 awaiting dep for its ferry south.  It carries the temp reg VH-PWN and is seen here on the (unlucky) 13th as it went u/s on start up and dep the next day

CASA Spain's CN235MP (Maritime Patrol) demonstrator EC-100 visited Skywest (Customs) on the 21st, endorsed 'Persuader'

ATR42 F-ODUE of Air Tahiti ferried through from Nandi back to Europe on the 11th, seen here dep for Darwin

RAF L-1011 Tristar 500 ZD950 arr from Brisbane and dep for Darwin and Colombo on the 21st

RAF L-1011 Tristar 500 ZD950

interesting GA moment on the 7th was this Fuji FA-200 VH-FJM on the 7th

Movement of the month was the arrival of C-47 N65388 from Hawaii on the 20th for South Pacific.  This was a former RAAF example (A65-102) and had been sold on to Genavco, Honolulu, where it earned its keep hauling cargo around the islands.  The ferry from HNL called at Hilo, Christmas Island, Pago Pago and Pt. Vila enroute to Cairns, the latter leg taking around 10hrs.  It retained its American reg for a few months while operating locally prior to being reregistered VH-SPY.  Additional title added later was DC-3 Australia.  It is still extant at Cairns some 20 years on, but hasn't flown for some 14 years.  It carried the name 'Momma'.  The untitled image of N65388 was taken at Lagoon Drive, HNL between sorties in 1991, a few years prior to its return to Australia. 

Thanks to GAFLIKS for providing this Yestayear report.

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ARKeX - Airborne and Marine Geophysical Surveying Twin Otter N162DE

N162DE DHC6 Cairns-Port Moresby, was Port Moresby-Cairns 30/10/2014

N162DE DHC6 at Cairns, Photo by GAFLIKS.

Wednesday 29 October 2014

Indonesian AF C-130H A-1332 departs

A-1332 C130 Townsville-Richmond

A-1332 C130 at Townsville, Photo by Dave.

A-1332 C130 at Townsville, Photo by Dave.

Tuesday 21 October 2014

Cairns farewells last Qantas scheduled pax Boeing 767 service!

Today saw the last scheduled passenger service of the Qantas Boeing 767-300's operating QF924/925 Sydney-Cairns-Sydney.
This service will be replaced with the Boeing 737-800's and furthermore will see QFA922/923 operate daily Sydney-Cairns-Sydney.
VH-OGI B763 departing Cairns, Photo by Dave.

VH-OGI B763 departing Cairns, Photo by Dave.

File Picture - VH-OGI B763 at Cairns.

File Picture - VH-OGS B763 at Cairns.

Thursday 16 October 2014

Thomson Airways Charter G-OOBF departs

TOM971 G-OOBF B752 Cairns-Siem Reap, was Apia-Cairns 14/10/2014

G-OOBF B752 at Cairns.

RNZAF C-130 NZ7003 departs

KIW282 NZ7003 C130 Cairns-Ohakea

Wednesday 15 October 2014

South West Air New Kingair Beech 200 P2-SWZ

P2-SWZ BE20 Port Moresby-Cairns, was Kansai-Guam-Wewak 13/9/2014 as N38VV (ferry flight)

P2-SWZ BE20 at Cairns.

RNZAF Hercules NZ7003 arrives

KIW282 NZ7003 C130 Port Moresby-Cairns

NZ7003 C130 at Cairns.

Orenair Boeing 777-200 Charter (2) departs

ORB9071 VQ-BNU B772 Cairns-Fukuoka, was Fukuoka-Cairns as ORB9072 12/10/2014

VQ-BNU B772 at Cairns.

Tuesday 14 October 2014

Sunday 12 October 2014

Saturday 11 October 2014

Gulfstream G550 VP-CKC departs

VP-CKC GLF5 Cairns-Hong Kong, was Hong Kong-Cairns 4/10/2014

VP-CKC GLF5 at Cairns.

VP-CKC GLF5 at Cairns.

Torres Strait Air Islander VH-WZK

Noted at Cairns today was Islander VH-WZK.


VH-WZK BN2A at Cairns.

Orenair Boeing 777-200 Charter (1) departs

ORB9071 VQ-BNU B772 Cairns-Fukuoka

VQ-BNU B772 at Cairns.

Friday 10 October 2014

Exercise Black Dagger at RAAF Townsville

Exercise Black Dagger is set to kick-off on Monday for 3 weeks at the RAAF Townsville base.
Expected aircraft to operate during the exercise are the F/A 18 Hornets, PC-9 and Military helicopters along with support aircraft.
Here are some of the arrivals photographed today in Townsville.

A21-24 F/A 18 at Townsville, Photo by Dave.

A21-112 F/A 18 at Townsville, Photo by Dave.

A97-464 C30J at Townsville, Photo by Dave.

Hevilift ATR 42 P2-KSL ex. OY-RUJ

P2-KSL AT45 local flight Cairns-Cairns

See http://fnqskies.blogspot.com.au/2014/09/danish-air-transport-atr-42-500-oy-ruj.html

P2-KSL AT45 at Cairns.

Thomson Airways Boeing 757-200 G-OOBE departs

TOM970 G-OOBE B752 Cairns-Siem Reap

G-OOBE B752 at Cairns.
Thomson B752 G-OOBE amongst this mornings
International movements.

Wednesday 8 October 2014

Evergrande Real Estate Group Airbus A319 B-6435

B6435 A319 Coolangatta-Cairns-Hong Kong

B-6435 A319 at Cairns.

B-6435 A319 at Cairns.

Thomson Airways Boeing 757-200 G-OOBE arrives

TOM970 G-OOBE B752 Apia-Cairns

G-OOBE B752 at Cairns.

Helifix Operations Bell 206 P2-HFZ

P2-HFZ B206 Cairns-Cooktown-Lockhart River-Horn Is.

Orenair Boeing 777-200 Charter (1) arrives

ORB9072 VQ-BNU B772 Fukuoka-Cairns

File Picture - ORB VP-BHB B772, Photo by GAFLIKS

VQ-BNU B772 at Cairns.

Monday 6 October 2014

United Airlines sits out Typhoon in Cairns

United Airlines flight 99 from Cairns to Guam last night was cancelled due to Typhoon Vongfong bearing down on the Mariana Islands. N13227 B738 was photographed today at Cairns below. A delayed service from Cairns to Guam is expected to depart later tonight.

N13227 B738 at Cairns.

N13227 B738 at Cairns.


RNZAF T-6C Texan II delivery flight

HKB143 N2842B Darwin-Cairns-Brisbane
HKB176 N2845B Darwin-Cairns-Brisbane

N2845B TEX2 at Cairns.

N2842B TEX2 at Cairns.

Execujet Australia Challenger CL-600 VH-BLM

VH-BLM CL60 Cairns-Brisbane

VH-BLM CL60 at Cairns.

Falcon 7X B-8206 passes through heading north

B8206 FA7X Queenstown-Cairns-Shanghai

Saturday 4 October 2014

Bombardier Global Express N888GX

N888GX GLEX Sydney-Port Moresby-Cairns

N888GX GLEX at Cairns.

Bombardier Global 6000 N533LM passes through northbound

N533LM GLEX Queenstown-Cairns-Beijing

N533LM GLEX at Cairns.

Friday 3 October 2014

Shortstop Jet Charter Hawker 1000 VH-LMP

VH-LMP H25C Essendon-Hamilton Is.-Townsville-Hamilton Is.

VH-LMP H25C at Townsville, Photo by Dave.

Wednesday 1 October 2014