Far North Queensland Skies Cairns and Townsville Airport, Australia

Far North Queensland Skies Cairns and Townsville Airport, Australia

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Sunday 30 April 2017

FNQ Yestayear Images - April 1996

Earlier this month we received the sad news “GAFLIKS”, Paul Howard had passed away. Paul was a key provider to this blog and provided the monthly “Yestayear” reports for FNQ. Being a keen aviation historian Paul had the ability to record events in his famous diaries from years gone by, many of which was to the benefit of the FNQSKIES Yestayear posts. Viewers to the blog were able to see events in Aviation history that was relative to Cairns and FNQ.

He enjoyed travelling following his aviation passion to many places around the world.

Paul loved his prop aircraft and provided regular articles and pictures to the Magazine “Propliner” and many other magazines.

Therefore it is fitting that this months “Yestayear” report for April 1996 that Paul provided is of a Propliner Electra L-188CF.

Thanks for the friendship and all the memories mate!

A new operator appeared on the scene during the month, mainly by default.  Charrak (Kestral) Air a
freight operator specialising in seafood uplift flying a veteran L-188CF Electra (N360Q), the type a familiar sight and sound in these parts.  The relocation from southern shores to Cairns arose from the wiping out of the tuna and lobster farms in Tasmania and S.A by storms, sources which had been earmarked by Charrak.  After some negotiation with the Solomon Islands a new source was found.  Using Pacific Air Express’s (PAE) AOC, the freighter commenced a four day a week nocturnal schedule from CNS to HIR return, uplifting up to 14 ton of chilled blue fin tuna per trip.  On arrival at CNS the seafood was transhipped to a Tokyo flight which would place the tuna on the Japan fish markets all within a 24hr period from loading at Honiara.

Following three months of operation the Electra had flown 257 hrs, all but one on the Honiara route, being a charter it completed for Freeport McMoran to West Irian. Sadly after a short period of time PAE decided to introduce their own B727-200F and relocate the CNS-HIR-CNS service to BNE-HIR-BNE, thus leaving Charrak with whatever ad-hoc work that materialised. There was some initial interest from Vanair in PNG, but the aircraft proved to be too large for their requirements.
Apart from a Coca-Cola charter to Manila, there was little business on the horizon and the Electra was returned to the lessor in Miami.

the huge paddle blades driven by the Allison turbine
office door

inbound over Yorkeys the PAE3518 is cleared to rw15 at CNS
on its early morn arrival from Honiara
pulling up for taxiway

taxiing in, note billboard titles

ready for an evening departure on the ITB ramp.

outside the office at the GA apron awaiting its next rotation

Thanks to the Late GAFLIKS for providing this Yestayear report.

 © Copyright.

USAF MC-130H's 87-0023 & 88-0191 head back north

GACHO11 87-0023 MC130H Cairns-Andersen AFB, was Ohakea-Amberley-Cairns 29/4/2017
GACHO12 88-0191 MC130H Cairns-Andersen AFB, was Ohakea-Amberley-Cairns 29/4/2017

87-0023 MC130H at Cairns.

87-0023 MC130H at Cairns.
88-0191 MC130H at Cairns.

88-0191 MC130H at Cairns.

87-0023 and 88-0191 MC130H's at Cairns.

Saturday 29 April 2017

Virgin Australia ATR72 VH-FVI arrives for maintenance

VOZ9901 VH-FVI AT75 Brisbane-Cairns

VH-FVI AT75 at Cairns.

Real Tonga Jetstream 32 A3-SKY

A3-SKY JS32 Honiara-Port Moresby-Cairns

A3-SKY JS32 at Cairns.

A3-SKY JS32 at Cairns.

Qantas Freight Boeing 737-300 VH-XMB

QFA7301 VH-XMB B733 Brisbane-Honiara-Nauru-Honiara-Cairns

VH-XMB B733 at Cairns.

Friday 28 April 2017

Australian Army MRH-90's pass through

ASY1021 A40-032 MRH90 Scherger-Cairns-Townsville
Warhorse34 A40-034 MRH90 Scherger-Cairns-Townsville
Warhorse38 A40-038 MRH90 Scherger-Cairns-Townsville

A40-034 and A40-038 MRH90's at Cairns.

A40-034 MRH90 at Cairns.
A40-034 MRH90 at Cairns.

Ukraine Air Alliance An-12BK UR-CAH departs

UKL4018 UR-CAH AN12 Cairns-Moro, was CNS-MXH-CNS 26th and 27th APR

UR-CAH AN12 at Cairns.

UR-CAH AN12 at Cairns.

UR-CAH AN12 at Cairns.

UR-CAH AN12 at Cairns.

Wednesday 26 April 2017

US Navy C-130T 164998

CNV7883 164998 C130T Townsville-Andersen AFB, was Andersen AFB-Townsville 25/4/2017

164998 C130T at Townsville, Photo by Leroy.

164998 C130T at Townsville, Photo by Graham.

Wednesday 19 April 2017

Chillagoe Aerodrome Report (YCGO)

Chillagoe is located 215 kms west of Cairns and was once a thriving mining town for range of minerals but is now reduced to small zine and some marble quarries. The Chillagoe-Mungana Caves National Park containing limestone caves and Smelting history are the main tourist attractions to the region.

Chillagoe Aerodrome which is located 2.4 kms north of Chillagoe (IATA Code LLG, ICAO code YCGO). The runway length is 1123m and supports weekly Royal Flying Doctor Service clinic flights from Cairns.

Chillagoe Aerodrome.

VH-BOU C210 at Chillagoe Aerodrome.
VH-POA PA32 at Chillagoe Aerodrome.
Chillagoe Aerodrome.

Chillagoe Aerodrome.
RFDS Clinic Flight - VH-NQC C208 at Chillagoe AD.

The Smelters at Chillagoe.

Monday 17 April 2017

HNZ New Zealand Ltd Agusta AW139 ZK-HDA

ZK-HDA A139 Cairns-Weipa, was Archerfield-Rockhampton-Townsville-Cairns 16/4/2017

ZK-HDA A139 at Townsville, Photo by Leroy.

Saturday 15 April 2017

USAF MC-130H's Combat Talon II

GACHO11 87-0023 MC130H Cairns-Whenuapai, was Kadena-Cairns 14/4/2017
GACHO12 88-0191 MC130H Cairns-Whenuapai, was Kadena-Cairns 14/4/2017

File Picture - 88-0191 MC130H at Cairns.

Friday 14 April 2017

Mandarin Air Gulfstream G280 B-8280

B-8280 G280 Auckland-Cairns-Koror

B-8280 G280 at Cairns.

Thursday 13 April 2017

RAAF P-8A Poseidon A47-002

RAAF P-8A A47-002 noted departing Townsville on the 13th of April.

A47-002 P-8A at Townsville, Photo by Graham.

Wednesday 12 April 2017

Ukraine Air Alliance An-12BK UR-CAH arrives

UKL4056 UR-CAH AN12 Townsville-Cairns, was Brunei-Townsville UKL4054 9/4/2017

UR-CAH AN12 at Townsville, Photo by Leroy.

UR-CAH AN12 at Cairns.

Monday 10 April 2017

Skytraders A319 and Nauru Airlines B733

1/4/2017 RON801 VH-PNI B733 Port Morebsy-Cairns and 7/4/2017 RON802 Cairns-Brisbane
10/4/2017 SND2 VH-VCJ A319 Cairns-Port Moresby

VH-PNI B733 at Cairns.

VH-VCJ A319 at Cairns.

Sunday 9 April 2017

Global Express N60XC passes through

N60XC GLEX Mackay-Townsville-(Haneda)

N60XC GLEX at Townsville, Photo by Leroy.

Thursday 6 April 2017

US Navy Strike Fighter Squadron VFA-27 "Royal Maces" F/A-18E Super Hornets

Some recent action with the US Navy VFA-27 "Royal Maces" F/A-18E's in town.

USN F18's at Townsville, Photo by Leroy.

USN F18's at Townsville, Photo by Leroy.

Wednesday 5 April 2017

Tuesday 4 April 2017

Central Aviation Aerospace Pac750 XL P2-OMC

P2-OMC P750 Port Moresby-Cairns-Townsville

P2-OMC P750 at Cairns.

Skytraders Airbus A319 VH-VHD

SND1 VH-VHD A319 Cairns-Brisbane, was Melbourne-Cairns 28/3/2017

VH-VHD A319 at Cairns.

Mandarin Air Gulfstream G280 B-8280

B8280 G280 Cairns-Auckland, was Davao-Cairns 3/4/2017

B8280 G280 at Cairns.

Monday 3 April 2017

FNQ Monthly Movements Summary - March 2017

        March 2017  
Date Callsign Reg AC Type Route / Location Operator Comments
2/03/2017 FAF5435 065 FA20 NOU-CNS FAF FXCYF
3/03/2017   P2-MRM C550 POM-CNS    
3/03/2017   YJ-AV10 DHC6 GUR-CNS Air Vanuatu  
4/03/2017 FAF5435 065 FA20 CNS-NOU FAF FXCYF
6/03/2017 LANCR11 168439 P-8 AVV-CNS-DNA US Navy 1st visit of type
6/03/2017 LANCR99 168849 P-8 PEA-CNS-DNA US Navy  
6/03/2017 TROJ24 A97-449 C30J XRH-CNS u/s RAAF  
7/03/2017   P2-JAU BE20 LAE-CNS-POM Tropicair  
8/03/2017   N888GX GLEX HNL-CNS-PER    
8/03/2017 TROJ42 A97-464 C30J XRH-CNS-XRH RAAF Engine replacement -449
8/03/2017   P2-IRN DHC6 CNS-POM-HGU    
8/03/2017   P2-SIB KODI POM-CNS SIL Aviation  
8/03/2017   P2-JAU BE20 LAE-CNS-POM Tropicair  
9/03/2017 TROJ24 A97-449 C30J CNS-XRH RAAF Ex Eng Change
12/03/2017   P2-SIB KODI CNS-POM SIL Aviation  
13/03/2017 FJI2006 DQ-FJN B738 XSP-CNS-NAN Fiji Airways Ferry Flight ex maint
15/03/2017   P2-CHK H47 CTN-CNS Columbia Helicopters  
15/03/2017 CNV7462 165832 B737 UAM-TSV US Navy  
15/03/2017 CNV7382 165313 C130T UAM-TSV US Navy  
16/03/2017   P2-CHK H47 CNS-TSV Columbia Helicopters  
16/03/2017   P2-NTZ KODI POM-CNS SIL Aviation  
16/03/2017   P2-KSG DHC6 POM-CNS Hevilift  
16/03/2017 CNV7462 165832 B737 TSV-UAM US Navy  
16/03/2017 CNV7382 165313 C130T TSV-UAM US Navy  
17/03/2017   P2-KSG DHC6 CNS-POM Hevilift  
17/03/2017   P2-NTZ KODI CNS-POM SIL Aviation  
17/03/2017 TROJ34 A97-464 C30J HID-CNS RAAF  
17/03/2017 TROJ34 A97-464 C30J CNS-XRH RAAF  
17/03/2017   F-OZEN B350 NOU-OOL-CNS   Maintenance
18/03/2017   N667BB GL5T (HNL)-CNS-HTI    
18/03/2017 DORY43/51   F18's UAM-TSV US Navy AR RCH96 610280 K35R UAM-BNE
20/03/2017 CNV7941 168980 B737 UAM-TSV US Navy  
21/03/2017 CNV7942 168980 B737 TSV-UAM US Navy  
22/03/2017   N666DM E55P ACF-CNS-DRW    
22/03/2017   P2-HCS B412 CNS-North Hevilift  
22/03/2017   N271EX C208 NOU-BNE-TSV    
23/03/2017 DRGN30 A39-005 KC30 CBR-CNS-CBR RAAF  
24/03/2017   N271EX C208 TSV-MCV-DRW    
25/03/2017   P2-SWZ BE20 POM-CNS-POM South West Air  
25/03/2017   N588LS GLF4 AKL-CNS-MFM    
25/03/2017   P2-MRM C550 CNS-POM    
25/03/2017 WLBY007 A34-005?? C27 AMB-CNS RAAF  
25/03/2017 MACE   F18's TSV-AMB US Navy Due TC Debbie
26/03/2017 WLBY007 A34-005?? C27 CNS-HID RAAF  
26/03/2017   VH-VPL C680 BNE-CNS-BNE    
27/03/2017 TOM918 G-OOBC B752 APW-CNS Thomson Airways  
28/03/2017 SND1 VH-VCJ A319 MEL-CNS    
28/03/2017 SND2 VH-VHD A319 MEL-CNS    
28/03/2017 TC Debbie Cat 4 crossed  coast near Bowen TSV airport closed Closed 27th/28th Mar
29/03/2017 TOM918 G-OOBC B752 CNS-REP Thomson Airways  
29/03/2017   N599CH GLEX HNL-CNS-PER    
29/03/2017 MACE   F18's AMB-TSV US Navy Re-posn back to TSV ex TC Deb
29/03/2017 ASY450 A34-003 C27 TSV-POM  RAAF  
29/03/2017 ASY475 A41-208 C17 TSV-POM-TSV RAAF  
30/03/2017   P2-ALC BE20 POM-CNS    
31/03/2017 ANG60/61 P2-PXC B738 POM-TSV-POM Air Niugini First RPT service
31/03/2017   P2-MEH C525 POM-CNS Tropicair