Far North Queensland Skies Cairns and Townsville Airport, Australia

Far North Queensland Skies Cairns and Townsville Airport, Australia

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Sunday 31 March 2013

FNQ Yestayear Images - March 1992

The second BN2 VH-OCH of the now defunct Torres Air passed thru this month wearing a Thiess sticker.  Faded Torres titles can just be discerned on rear fuselage.

Aquaflite suspended operations on the 13th and DHC-2 VH-AAD is seen here 'beached' at Cairns GA.

Shot of VH-IDQ at the Cairns Marina before the suspension.  Both Beavers were back in the air later in the year in similiar trim but with Australian Barrier Reef Airways titles.

Royal Jet BBJ A6-DFR

ROJ6 A6-DFR B737 (Abu Dhabi)-Singapore-Cairns

Royal Jet is an airline based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. It is a charter operator aimed at the luxury market between the UAE and Europe. Its main base is Abu Dhabi International Airport, with hubs at Dubai International Airport and King Abdulaziz International Airport, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

A6-DFR B737 arriving Cairns

A6-DFR B737 arriving Cairns

Shortstop Jet Charter Hawker 800

VH-OVE H25B Essendon-Cairns

VH-OVE H25B at Cairns

Saturday 30 March 2013

Execujet Australia Global Express

VH-ICV GLEX Macau-Cairns

VH-ICV GLEX at Cairns

Pictures from Townsville

A few other recent pictures from Townsville in the last week.

A41-210 C17 at Townsville, photo by Dave

A30-005 E737 at Townsville, photo by Dave

166863 NF304 F/A18-E at Townsville, photo by Dave

Friday 29 March 2013

US Navy C-130T departs Townsville

CNV7542 164996 C130 Townsville-Andersen AFB

164994 C130 at Townsville, Photo by Dave

Hawker 125-1000 returns

VH-LMP H25C Cairns-Essendon, was Coolangatta-Cairns 28/3/2013

VH-LMP H25C at Cairns

Thursday 28 March 2013

Another US Navy C-130 inbound

CNV7542 164996 C130 Andersen AFB-Townsville

164996 C130 arriving Townsville, Photo by Dave

164996 C130 arriving Townsville, Photo by Dave

OK Tedi Dash 8 ops to PNG

P2-NAT DH8A operated its first flight from Cairns to Tabubil.

P2-NAT DH8A at Cairns

Wednesday 27 March 2013

N444SS LLC Gulfstream IV

PEG26 N726RW GLF4 Kuala Lumpur-Cairns-Pago Pago

N726RW GLF4 at Cairns, Photo by John

US Navy C-40 and C-130 activity

CNV7582 166696 B737 Townsville-Andersen AFB
CNV7482 164762 C130 Andersen AFB-Townsville

164762 C130 at Townsville, Photo by Dave

Fugro Airborne Surveys Cessna Caravan

VH-FAY C208 noted in Cairns.

Recently operated Kupang-Darwin 21/3/2013 and Darwin-Groote Is-Cairns 22/3/2013.

VH-FAY C208 at Cairns

Some Movements today

VH-EXG C680 Essendon-Cairns-Coolangatta
EVY61 A36-001 B737 was noted in Cairns and Townsville
P2-EUV C550 Port Moresby-Cairns
P2-THS AS35 Mackay-Townsville-Cairns

A36-001 B737 at Cairns

P2-EUV C550 at Cairns

VH-EXG C680 at Cairns

Tuesday 26 March 2013

US Navy Super Hornets head home

The US Navy Super Hornets departed Townsville today heading back to their home base Atsugi, Japan.

In a co-ordinated departure the F/A18's departed Townsville while the KC-10 Air Refueller departed Cairns to meet up for their journey north.
DORY11 callsign was used by the lead F/A18E and RCH061 callsign was used by the KC10.

Six F/A18E's were recorded departing Townsville for Atsugi.
166861 NF302, 166870 NF312, 166868 NF310, 166864 NF305, 166863 NF304, 166869 NF311.

The KC10 86-0029 departed Cairns for Andersen AFB.

A special thanks to Dave for covering this exercise from Townsville.

F/A18E 166868 NF310 departing Townsville

F/A18E 166861 NF302 departing Townsville

F/A18E 166870 NF312 departing Townsville

86-0029 KC10 at Cairns

86-0029 KC10 departing Cairns

US Navy C-40 touches down in Townsville

CNV7582 166696 B737 Atsugi-Townsville

File Picture - 165835 C-40

Qantas A330-200 passes through Cairns

QFA88 VH-EBH A332 Hong Kong-Cairns-Sydney

VH-EBH A332 at Cairns

VH-EBH A332 at Cairns

Maroomba scheme appears on another Skytrans Dash 8

VH-QQA was displaying a new scheme today, painted in the "Maroomba" colours as was ex. VH-QQE previously.
VH-QQA operated Skytrans flight SKP60 from Cairns-Mt Isa.

VH-QQA DH8A at Cairns

Solomon Airlines Airbus 320

SOL6002 H4-BUS A320 Manila-Cairns-Brisbane

File Picture - H4-BUS A320, supplied by Wayne

Monday 25 March 2013

USAF KC-10 Tanker arrives in the North

RCH061 86-0029 DC10 Hickam-Cairns

86-0029 KC-10 arriving Cairns, Photo by GAFLIKS

86-0029 KC-10 arriving Cairns

86-0029 KC-10 at Cairns

86-0029 KC-10 at Cairns

86-0029 KC-10 at Cairns

OK Tedi Dash 8 appears with new rego

OK Tedi Mining Dash8-100 previously registered VH-JSJ has been registered P2-NAT as noted today in Cairns. VH-JSJ flew Adelaide-Ballera-Cairns 23/3/2013.

P2-NAT DH8A at Cairns

Sunday 24 March 2013

Short Stop Jet Charter HS125-1000

VH-LMP H25C Cairns-Essendon, was Sydney-Cairns 21/3/2013

VH-LMP H25C at Cairns

Gulfstream G300 N388AJ

N388AJ GLF4 Manila-Cairns-Auckland

N388AJ G300 at Auckland, photo by Wayne

Saturday 23 March 2013

Nomad departs to PNG

VH-ATO N22C Cairns-Port Moresby

File Picture - VH-ATO N22C at Cairns

Tropicair Beech 200

P2-JON BE20 Cairns-Port Moresby

P2-JON BE20 at Cairns

Friday 22 March 2013

US Navy C-40 arrives

CNV7262 166695 B737 Andersen AFB-Townsville

File Picture - 166694 C-40

Thursday 21 March 2013

Airnorth cuts services

CUTS to Airnorth's Gold Coast to Darwin, via Mount Isa, service will come into effect as early as May 2.

Full Story Courtesy of the North West Star

VH-ANV E170 at Mt Isa, Photo by Dave

Global 5000 OE-III

XPE10 OE-III GL5T Hamilton Is-Townsville-Kuala Lumpur

Tuesday 19 March 2013

"Pride of Tabubil" Dash 8

P2-NAZ one of the two Dash8-100's that operates regular Charter flights for OK Tedi Mining 4 times a week from Cairns to Tabubil.

P2-NAZ DH8A displaying "Pride of Tabubil" and
OK TEDI Mining Logo.

P2-NAZ DH8A at Cairns

Monday 18 March 2013

Lynden Air Cargo C-130

LYB5006 P2-LAC C130 Lae-Cairns-Port Moresby

P2-LAC C130 at Cairns

Sunday 17 March 2013

Executive Airlines Citation Sovereign

VH-EXG C680 Cairns-Essendon, was Tokua-Cairns 16/3/2013

VH-EXG C680 at Cairns

Exercise Black Dagger continues with Super Hornets

A recent picture at Townsville of another US Navy Super Hornet one of the eight that is here for the 2 week Exercise "Black Dagger".

VFA-115 166861 F/A-18E at Townsville, tail code NF302

166861 F/A-18E at Townsville, photo by Dave

Saturday 16 March 2013

Skywest Airlines F-100 VH-FSQ

VH-FSQ F100 Seletar-Port Hedland-Townsville

Alliance Airlines PNG Charter

UTY550/551 VH-XWO F100 Cairns-Tokua-Cairns

VH-XWO F100 at Cairns

Friday 15 March 2013

Bits from Cairns today

VH-PDX CVLT Cairns-Port Moresby-Cairns
P2-JON BE20 Port Moresby-Cairns
ZK-OJK A320 operated the ANZ775/776 Auckland-Cairns-Auckland service

ZK-OJK A320 at Cairns

VH-PDX CVLT at Cairns

File Picture- P2-JON BE20 at Cairns