Far North Queensland Skies Cairns and Townsville Airport, Australia

Far North Queensland Skies Cairns and Townsville Airport, Australia

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Friday 31 May 2013

FNQ Yestayear Images - May 1992 (Addendum 3)

'Battle of Coral Sea ' 50th Anniv tribute, held at RAAF Townsville May 1992.

A small 'static only' limited Open Day was held on the main dispersal ramp at the station.  Due to inclement weather, there was no flying display.  The USAF were well represented with B-52H, KC-135E/R, F-16's and a C-135.  The RAAF was represented by F/A-18's, DHC-4, C-130H amongst rotary examples such as the UH-1 Iriquois, Chinook and Sea King.

Nose shot of B-52H 10015 sporting nose art 'American Eagle', note US of A C-135 in b'ground.

This frontal view illustrates the large wingspan of this ionic bomber.

B-52H 60031 'MT' in sunshine before the unseasonal weather broke.

Anyone for cards, nose art on KC-135E 72591.

Penn ANG KC-135E 63648, note ANG on boom.

Illinois ANG KC-135E 71441.

Tail fin of 72591

An additional tanker (KC-135R) serial unknown, was remotly parked along with C-130 at rear also unknown.

General view of the static, note rear mounted gatling cannon on B-52.

Closer view of nose art on B-52 cockpit (10015)

F-16 (330) Fighting Falcon of 432FW, Misiwa, JP coded 'MJ'.

F-16 (85495) from 13FS Misiwa, JP coded 'MJ'.

Special thanks to GAFLIKS for providing this interesting summary for May 1992.

Army and Navy Helicopters

Noted in Townsville today was a Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Bell 429 Global Ranger and a Army Blackhawk photographed below by Leroy.

N49-048 Bell 429 at Townsville, Photo by Leroy

A25-102 Blackhawk at Townsville, Photo by Leroy

A25-102 Blackhawk at Townsville, Photo by Leroy

Nomad VH-ATO returns from PNG

VH-ATO N22C Port Moresby-Cairns

Also in town today was VH-CRW F2TH Brisbane-Cairns-Manila

File Picture - VH-ATO N22C at Cairns

Thursday 30 May 2013

FNQ Yestayear Images - May 1992 (addendum 2)

The 'Battle of the Coral Sea' Airshow, Cairns Airport, May 1992.

Held on the GA side of the airfield on the first weekend of May, the southern GA ramp was used for the flight line, with spectator access before and after the flying display.  The western side of the taxiway was used as the spectator line during the show from the FWA terminal (now Hawkers), south to the FWA hangar (now Skytrans).  A temporary tower structure was installed in front of the Nth QLD Aeroclub to monitor the show's active flight line and to keep crowd control where and if required, and had full commx with the main control tower.  A major bonus was the continuing flow of normal traffic during the show, interspersed with the displays fitting in with the former, a credit to the ATC crew that kept it all going to plan, and offering the crowd nearly non stop action for most of the day.  For example, following a departing B747, a Sea Fury enters the active for an immediate, while a DC-3 is visible on long finals, such was the variety all day.  Amongst additional displays were Rotary elements, Tiger Moth, DHC-6 Twin Otter, DC-3 joyflights, SkyDiving, and more plus a stirring Dash 8 performance.

In the current climate of this day and age, this was probably the last such display that could be held at an International airport in Australia such as Cairns.

The 'Battle of the Coral Sea' Airshow, Cairns Airport, May 1992.
Taking its opportunity, Cessna207 VH-FIF got plenty of free advertising during the show.

Suitably inscribed the Mig 15 taxies out for an absorbing display, note at rear L to R, Spitfire, T-28 Trojan, P51 Mustang and Fiat G59.

In an atmospheric shot, Fiat G59 VH-LIX 'Ciao Bella' leads the Sea Fury in as the latter folds its wings.

Splendid in full RAAF trim, the Spitfire taxies out for its display.

Flight line up L to R, P-51 Mustang, Fiat G59 and Sea Fury.

Another view of the mighty Sea Fury as it taxies out for its rivetting display.

Arriving for the show, Fiat G59.

Also arriving with the Fiat was this P40 Kittyhawk.

The final salute, magnificent sight and sound as the fighters form up for a flypast abeam the crown flanked by the Mig15 are from L to R, Sea Fury, Fiat G59, P40 Kittyhawk, Spitfire and P51 Mustang.

Star of the show must go the the immaculate Lockheed 10 VH-UZO "Ansertes'.  Seen here OTT Redlynch from Grumman Widgeon VH-WET, in the static and OTT of Smithfield.

Hevilift's new Twin Otter DHC-6-400

C-FVAT DHC6 Majuro-Cairns

Further information can be found on the Twin Otter Spotter website:

C-FVAT DHC6 at Cairns

RNZAF B-757 overnights

KIW007 NZ7572 B752 Townsville-Andersen, was Whenuapai-Townsville 29/5/2013

File Picture - NZ7572 B752 at Townsville, Photo by Dave

Wednesday 29 May 2013

FNQ Yestayear Images - May 1992 (Part 1 of 3)

Captions Pt.1

The begining of the month saw USN C-9 159119 coded JU of VR-56Sqn named 'City of Charleston' arr from HIR bringing surviving veterans for the 50th Anniv of the 'Battle of the Coral Sea'.  The Cairns Airport was the venue for a two day Commerative Airshow the next weekend. SEE Addendum 2, whilst the following week RAAF Townsville held a low key event. SEE Addendum 3

27th saw the delivery of the first B1900D for Impulse, seen here still wearing N136MA registration.  It wore Impulse title on the fin and Sydney Morning Herard endorsed on port roof, with Financial Review on starboard side.

More Pictures from the Isa

A few more recent pictures from Mt Isa, thanks to Dave for providing these great shots.

Qantas Link Q400 VH-QOH arriving at Mt Isa,
Photo by Dave

Air North E-170 VH-ANT at Mt Isa, Photo by Dave

Virgin Australia E-190 VH-ZPL landing at Mt Isa,
Photo by Dave

Qantas Link Q400 VH-QOH at Mt Isa, Photo by Dave

Skytrans DH8A VH-QQK at Mt Isa, Photo by Dave

Skytrans Dash 8, Qantas Link Q400, Air North E-7170
and Virgin Australia E-190 on the ramp at Mt Isa,
Photo by Dave

Tuesday 28 May 2013

Newly Registered Islander VH-ZOU turns up in the North

VH-ZOU ex. ZK-MFN BN2A was noted recently in Townsville.
Aircraft operated Archerfield-Rockhampton-Mackay-Townsville 21/5/2013 and ferried from N.Z. in early March. Is now registered to Colville Aviation Services in Archerfield.

VH-ZOU BN2A noted in Townsville, Photo by Dave

Monday 27 May 2013

Kiwi Herc overnights

KIW344 NZ7001 C130 Townsville-Amberley, 26/5/2013 was Port Moresby-Townsville

Sunday 26 May 2013

Tude's Choppers UH-1 VH-THY

VH-THY UH-1B was noted passing through Cairns over the weekend. On Saturday was northbound to Cooktown, while on Sunday returned south heading towards Tully.

VH-THY UH1 at Cairns

VH-THY UH1 at Cairns

Saturday 25 May 2013

Air Niugini B-767 diverts to Cairns

ANG11 P2-ANA B763 Manila-Port Moresby - diverted to Cairns,
Later operated ANG1011 Cairns-Port Moresby

P2-ANA B763 at Cairns

P2-ANA B763 at Cairns

Friday 24 May 2013

Citation Sovereign C680 VH-VPL

VH-VPL C680 Cairns-Port Moresby-Cairns-Coolangatta, was Coolangatta-Cairns 23/5/2013

VH-VPL C680 at Cairns

Thursday 23 May 2013

Gulfstream 550 VP-CKG

VP-CKG GLF5 Townsville-Hong Kong, was Brisbane-Townsville 22/5/2013

VP-CKG GLF5 at Townsville, Photo by Dave

VP-CKG GLF5 at Townsville, Photo by Dave

Wednesday 22 May 2013

Falcon 7X VH-MQK

VH-MQK FA7X Cairns-Hoskins, was Mildura-Cairns 21/5/2013

VH-MQK FA7X at Cairns, photo by John

Hevilft Bell 212 P2-HCT departs

P2-HCT B212 Cairns-Cooktown...

P2-HCT B212 at Cairns