Far North Queensland Skies Cairns and Townsville Airport, Australia

Far North Queensland Skies Cairns and Townsville Airport, Australia

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Monday 31 October 2011

Alliance F100 VH-XMT

Today was the first visit of VH-XWT 7C779B Alliance F100 into Cairns.

Phenom 100 VH-PNM

VH-PNM 7C4DD0 E50P Embraer 500 Phenom arrived Cairns from Townsville before continuing onto Sydney.
Also noted was VH-CCC 7C0A6A GLF5 Melbourne-Cairns-Melbourne.

Sunday 30 October 2011

PNG weekly report 24-30 Oct

24/10 P2-MAX BE20 Port Moresby-Cairns-Port Moresby
25/10 P2-SAH C208 Cairns-Port Moresby
25/10 P2-KSN BE20 Mt Hagen-Cairns
26/10 P2-KSN BE20 Cairns-Mt Hagen
26/10 P2-PXS DH8D Moro-Cairns & P2-PXT DH8D Cairns-Moro
26/10 VH-HLJ BE20 Cairns-Kiunga
27/10 P2-KSN BE20 Mt Hagen-Cairns
28/10 VH-PDX CVLT Cairns-Lihir-Cairns
28/10 P2-KSN BE20 Cairns-Mt Hagen
28/10 VH-CXJ LJ36 Madang-Cairns-Townsville
28/10 P2-KSJ AT42 Mt Hagen-Cairns TOK951
29/10 N404LC C130 Lae-Cairns-Tabubil
29/10 VH-PDW CVLT Cairns-Lae-Cairns
29/10 P2-SIR KODI Aiyura-Cairns
30/10 P2-SIR KODI Cairns-Aiyura
30/10 P2-KSN BE20 Mt Hagen-Cairns
30/10 VH-JOH C402 Cairns-Port Moresby

Saturday 29 October 2011

Lynden Air Cargo C130 N404LC

N404LC C130 A4BC7A arrived into Cairns from Lae and later departed to Tabubil.

Friday 28 October 2011

ZK-JTH C680 departs

ZK-JTH C680 C81D3E departed Cairns for Essendon and later onto Auckland.

N3205W Beech Premier 1 arrives Horn Island

N3205W PRM1 A3716C arrived Horn Island from Koror and Manila, due to Archerfield next.
Picture Link: http://www.airport-data.com/aircraft/photo/580262.html

Monday 24 October 2011

Pacific Jets Sovereign ZK-JTH arrives

ZK-JTH C680 arrived Cairns from Auckland.

ZK-JTH Photographed holding for Cathay A333 taxiing past.

P2-MAX Kingair BE20 Tropicair

P2-MAX BE20 of Tropicair flew Port Moresby-Cairns return.

VH-VZD QF B738 with Optus colours

VH-VZD operated QF782/649 today. Pictured in Optus colours.

Vladivostok Air departs

VLK1753 VQ-BEQ A333 departed Cairns for Oita, Japan. This was the last charter of 3 flights into Cairns.

Sunday 23 October 2011

Rare visit by a Cessna 337

Cessna 337 VH-RGB was noted arriving Cairns today.

PNG weekly report 17-23 Oct

17/10 P2-SWF E110 Cairns-Port Moresby
17/10 VH-FWH QQ5621 F100 Townsville-Cairns-Port Moresby
18/10 VH-HLJ BE20 Cairns-Kiunga
19/10 P2-PXU DH8D PX400/1 Moro-Cairns-Moro
19/10 VH-HLJ BE20 Kiunga-Cairns
21/10 P2-KSN BE20 Cairns-Mt Hagen
22/10 P2-KSN BE20 Mt Hagen-Cairns-Mt Hagen
22/10 TOK951 P2-KSJ AT42 Mt Hagen-Cairns
23/10 VH-PDX CVLT Cairns-Mt Hagen-Cairns

Saturday 22 October 2011

RCH099 83-0080 KC10 arrives Cairns

RCH099 83-0080 AE0217 KC10 arrived from Townsville to Cairns and later departed to Hickam AFB.

Friday 21 October 2011

Vladivostok Air arrives

VLK1752 VQ-BEQ A333 arrived Cairns this morning from Oita.

Wednesday 19 October 2011

RCH099 KC10 83-0080 and FA-18's into Townsville

RCH099 83-0080 KC10 with FA-18's and ASY607 A41-209 C17 were Anderson-Townsville.

VLK1753 departs Cairns

VLK1753 VQ-BEQ A333 departed Cairns for Oita.

Tuesday 18 October 2011

DHC-8-300 C-GMOH arrives Cairns

C-GMOH DH8C arrives Darwin-Cairns on delivery to Skytrans.

Monday 17 October 2011

PNG weekly report 10-16 Oct

12/10 P2-KDA PAY2 Cairns-Mt Hagen
12/10 P2-PXT PX401/400 DH8D Moro-Cairns-Moro
12/10 P2-DRS BE9L Cairns-Mt Hagen
12/10 P2-SAH C208 Port Moresby-Cairns
13/10 P2-ASZ P750 Cairns-Horn Island-Port Moresby
13/10 P2-MCJ DH8A TOK950 Cairns-Mt Hagen
13/10 VH-HLJ BE20 Cairns-Kiunga
14/10 P2-KSJ  AT42 TOK951 AT42 Mt Hagen-Cairns
16/10 P2-SWF E110 Port Moresby-Cairns.



USAF SOS C-32B 00-9001

00-9001 MANGE72 C-32B AE0443 Departed Cairns for Port Hedland 17/10/11

Sunday 16 October 2011

P2-SWF Southwest Air

P2-SWF E110 arrived Port Moresby-Cairns 16.10.11.
Returned to Port Moresby 17.10.11.

Vladivostok Air A333 Charter

VLK1752 VQ-BEQ A333 Oita-Cairns 16/10/11.

Saturday 15 October 2011

Friday 14 October 2011

Thursday 13 October 2011

ASY777 CH47 brief stop over

ASY777 A15-202 was noted on a brief stop over from Daru-Horn Is-Cairns before heading back to Townsville.

Wednesday 12 October 2011

Sunday 9 October 2011

N711MC GLEX departs

N711MC GLEX departed Cairns today for Honolulu after arriving on the 29/9/11.

PNG weekly report 3-9 Oct

3/10 VH-PDX CVLT Cairns-Port Moresby-Cairns
3/10 P2-DRS BE9L Port Moresby-Cairns
4/10 VH-PDX CVLT Cairns-Port Moresby-Cairns
4/10 VH-HLJ BE20 Cairns-Kiunga
4/10 P2-KST DHC6 Port Moresby-Cairns
5/10 VH-PDX CVLT Cairns-Port Moresby-Cairns
5/10 P2-PXT PX400/1 DH8D Moro-Cairns-Moro
6/10 VH-PDX CVLT Cairns-Port Moresby-Cairns
6/10 VH-SKU BE20 Cairns-Port Moresby
8/10 P2-KSG DHC6 Cairns-Port Moresby
8/10 P2-BWC P750 Mt Hagen-Horn Is-Cairns.

Rich Aviation N82RP Falcon 900

N82RP F900 departed Cairns-Majuro-Kona 9.10.11. Arrived in Cairns from Saipan on 30/9/11.

VH-EBR first ops thru Cairns

JST15 VH-EBR A332 operated Sydney-Cairns-Kansai 9/10/11.

Monday 3 October 2011

US Navy C130 165161

CNV3018 165161 C130 Cairns-Anderson AFB 3/10/11.

Saturday 1 October 2011

US Navy C130 165161

CNV3018 165161 C130 arrived Rockhampton-Cairns 1/10/11.