Far North Queensland Skies Cairns and Townsville Airport, Australia

Far North Queensland Skies Cairns and Townsville Airport, Australia

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Monday 30 April 2012

FNQ Yestayear Images - April 1991

Thanks to GAFLIKS for providing info and pictures.

East West introduced this colourful Bae146-300 VH-EWJ
in April on their sked BNE-CNS-BNE which shared the route
with their F28-400's, until both were eventually replaced 
later on by B722's.

Short lived Horn Island operator Torres Air
transited Cairns during April with BN2 Islander VH-TRW.

The first rotation of the year by the French Air Force
from France to New Caledonia was operated by
C160 No 158 (coded 61-ZX) seen here during o/nite
stop 22 April.

Skywest EMB110 Banderiante VH-MWV visited
their Cairns base on 06 April.

Kingair 300 D-CAUA

D-CAUA BE30 Denpasar-Darwin-Mt Isa

Korean Air Charters begin for Golden Week

KAL9127 HL7585 A333 Nagoya-Cairns

File Picture - Korean Air A333 at Cairns

TBM-850 N889JG overnights

N889JG TBM8 AC4013 Cairns-Darwin-Denpasar (29/4 Norfolk Is-Brisbane-Cairns)

Sunday 29 April 2012

Cheyenne N178SG

N178SG PAY2 Weipa-Darwin (27/4 Lizard Is-Weipa)

File Picture - N178SG PAY2,
Taken by Mike at Ardmore 28/5/2011.

McDermott Aviation N232HL

N232HL UH1 Townsville-Cairns-Port Douglas

N232HL UH1 at Cairns

Convoy 7302 heads west

CNV7302 165832 B737 AE04DA Townsville-Pearce

File Picture - US Navy C40 departing Cairns

Saturday 28 April 2012

Spectrem Air ZS-ASN DC3 BT-67

ZS-ASN DC3 0081F2 Alice Springs-Townsville

Spectrem Air which undertakes electromagnetic prospecting and mineral exploration with their highly modified BT-67.

Thanks Dave for the report and great pictures!

ZS-ASN DC3 arriving at Townsville

ZS-ASN DC3 arriving at Townsville

ZS-ASN DC3 arriving at Townsville

ZS-ASN DC3 arriving at Townsville

CNV7302 165832 arrives Townsville

CNV7302 165832 B737 AE04DA Da Nang-Darwin-Townsville

Twin Otter F-OIAY

F-OIAY DHC6 3A2018 Townsville-La Tontouta (27/4 Broome-Townsville)

File Picture - F-OIAY DHC6 at Cairns 19/8/2006.
Aircraft now reported in all white scheme.
Photo taken by GAFLIKS.

Friday 27 April 2012

PNG Weekly Report 16-22 Apr

16/4 ZK-HBH BK17 Rockhampton-Townsville-Cairns-Cooktown
17/4 PP-BST C680 Denpasar-Port Moresby
18/4 PP-BST C680 Port Moresby-Auckland
18/4 ZK-HBH BK17 Horn Is-Daru
19/4 VH-PDX CVLT Port Moresby-Cairns
19/4 VH-PDW CVLT Cairns-Port Moresby
19/4 P2-ARB P750 Cairns-Horn Is-Port Moresby
20/4 N8989N GLF4 Singapore-Port Moresby
22/4 N933ML CL60 Port Moresby-Melbourne
22/4 N1242A C208 Majuro-Port Moresby

Thanks Mike for the infils.

VH-PDX CVLT at Cairns

N933ML CL60 at Cairns

P2-ARB P750 at Cairns

ZK-HBH BK17 at Cairns

Thursday 26 April 2012

Air New Zealand B777-300 at Townsville

ANZ6063/1963/6064 ZK-OKP B773 C81E05 Auckland-Brisbane-Townsville-Auckland

Thanks Dave for the report and great pictures!

ZK-OKP B773 at Townsville

ZK-OKP B773 at Townsville

ZK-OKP B773 at Townsville

ZK-OKP B773 at Townsville

ASY289 heading west

ASY289 A37-003 CL60 Honiara-Cairns-Perth

A37-003 CL60 at Cairns

A37-003 CL60 at Cairns

Wednesday 25 April 2012

Tiger Airways returns to the far north

TGW462/463 VH-VNG A320 Melbourne-Cairns-Melbourne - daily service recommenced today.

Tiger Airways first started services into Cairns on 17/9/2010 operating TGW5704/5705 VH-VNC MEL-CNS-MEL.
Tiger ops were suspended last year on 2/7/2011, with TGW5704 MEL-CNS returning to MEL that morning. There last return service was 30/6/2011 TGW5704/5705 VH-VND A320, over 9 months ago.

VH-VNG A320 at Cairns

VH-VNG A320 at Cairns

VH-VNG A320 at Cairns

VH-VNG A320 at Cairns

P2-PRA heads over the hill

P2-PRA BK17 Cairns-Mareeba

P2-PRA BK17 at Cairns

P2-PRA BK17 at Cairns

Piper Cheyenne N178SG

24/4 N178SG PAY2 Coolangatta-Cairns
25/4 N178SG PAY2 Cairns-Lizard Is

N1012P heads east

N1012P M20T A00B17 Cairns-Port Vila

N1012P M20T at Cairns

Tuesday 24 April 2012

Movements of note YBTL Tuesday

Brief report from Dave advises of the following movements in Townsville.

STAL33 A41-210 C17A 7CF922 Amberley?-Townsville-Williamtown?
TROJ24 A97-002 C130 7CF8F8 arrived Townsville and departed to Richmond

File Picture - A41-210 C17 at Townsville

Mooney M-20 N1012P arrives

N1012P M20T Darwin-Cairns

N1012P M20T arrives Cairns

N1012P M20T at Cairns

BK-117 P2-PRA arrives

P2-PRA BK17 Cooktown-Cairns

P2-PRA BK17 at Cairns

Monday 23 April 2012

Falcon 2000 N700FL departs

N700FL F2TH A95516 Cairns-Majuro-Kahului

N700FL F2TH at Cairns

Sunday 22 April 2012

Townsville activity today

A few pictures thanks to Dave from Townsville of some of the movements today.
ASY465 A97-467 C30J Dili-Townsville and a few of the F-18 movements.

A97-467 C30J arriving Townsville

A97-467 C30J arriving Townsville

A44-207 FA-18 at Townsville

A44-224 FA-18 at Townsville

Atlas Air, Giant 9806 overhead Cairns FL400

GTI9806 N429MC B744 A51E24 overhead Cairns @ FL400 enroute Sydney-Hong Kong

Sovereign C680 D-CBAY departs

D-CBAY C680 3CC2BC Cairns-Darwin-Manila

File Picture - D-CBAY C680 at Cairns

Saturday 21 April 2012

QFA130 diverts to Cairns

QFA130 VH-QPH A333 7C5323 Shanghai-divert Cairns-Sydney, due fog at Sydney

File Picture - QF A332 VH-EBC

Friday 20 April 2012

Belfast RP-C8020 as at 20/04/2012

RP-C8020 Shorts SC-5 Belfast parked at Cairns.

RP-C8020 BELF at Cairns

Falcon 2000 N700FL arrives

N700FL F2TH A95516 Adelaide-Cairns

N700FL F2TH at Cairns

N700FL F2TH at Cairns

Thursday 19 April 2012

Sovereign C680 D-CBAY arrives

D-CBAY C680 Hamilton Is-Cairns

D-CBAY C680 at Cairns

D-CBAY C680 at Cairns

Air Sanga P2-ARB departs

P2-ARB P750 Cairns-Horn Is-Port Moresby

P2-ARB P750 at Cairns

P2-ARB P750 at Cairns