Far North Queensland Skies Cairns and Townsville Airport, Australia

Far North Queensland Skies Cairns and Townsville Airport, Australia

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Sunday 30 September 2012

FNQ Yestayear Images - September 1991

Another of our occasional reports from around the area.  The South Pacific Games were held in Port Moresby during September, which produced an influx of regional carriers operating charter flights from their respective South Pacific nations.  In addition to athletes and media, many supporters also flew in to support their teams.

Photo by GAFLIKS
Listed are the flights involved, but exclude the host airline Air Niugini (PX).  Stock photos of aircraft used in this airlift are illustrated, but not necessarily the actual example used in some instances.  A welcome touch were the flags of nations competing flown above the International ramp at Jacksons Airport (POM) pictured in the lead photo.

Inbound to POM

04 Sep NZ1066/2067    AKL-POM-AKL   B747-200 Air New Zealand
04 Sep SB4400/4401    NOU-POM-NOU  B737-300  Air Caledonie International (ACI)

F-ODGX 1991 - Picture by MRC Collection
05 Sep HA0941/2941   PPG-POM-PPG   DC-8-62    Hawaiian Airlines
Photo by GAFLIKS

05 Sep SB4402/4403    NOU-POM-NOU B737-300   ACI
05 Sep SB4404/4405    NOU-POM-NOU B737-300   ACI
05 Sep IE906/907         HIR-POM-HIR   B737-200   Solomons
05 Sep IE908/909         HIR-POM-HIR   B737-200   Solomons
Photo by GA FLIKS

05 Sep ON001/002       INU-POM-INU    B737-200 Air Nauru 
Photo by GAFLIKS

06 Sep Queens Flt        HKG-GUM-POM   Bae146 with HRH Duke of York to open games
Photo by GAFLIKS

06 Sep CO1990/8991   GUM-POM-GUM   DC-10-10 Continental/Air Micronesia
Photo by GAFLIKS

06 Sep NZ1766/6767    AKL-POM-AKL     B747-200 Air New Zealand

07 Sep FJ2600/2601     NAN-POM-NAN    B767-200 Air Pacific
DQ-FJA B762, Aug 1993 - Picture by Bargeld01

07 Sep NF262/263        VLI-POM-VLI       B727-200 Air Vanuatu
Photo by GAFLIKS

Outbound from POM

11 Sep Queens Flt        POM-BIK-LAPU LAPU-HKG Bae146 with HRH

19 Sep SB4410/4411    NOU-POM-NOU     B737-300 ACI
19 Sep IE916/917         HIR-POM-HIR       B737-200  Solomons

21 Sep IE706/911         HIR-POM-HIR       B737-200  Solomons

22 Sep IE914/707         HIR-POM-HIR       B737-200  Solomons
22 Sep ON001/002       INU-POM-INU        B737-200  Air Nauru
22 Sep CO8990/1992   GUM-POM-GUM   DC-10-10 Continental/Air Micronesia

23 Sep SB4408/4409    NOU-POM-NOU     B737-300  ACI
23 Sep FJ2600/2601     NAN-POM-NAN     B767-200  Air Pacific
23 Sep NF262/263        VLI-POM-VLI        B727-200  Air Vanuatu
23 Sep HA0940/2940   PPG-POM-PPG       DC-8-62   Hawaiian Airlines
23 Sep NZ6066/1767   AKL-POM-AKL      B747-200  Air New Zealand

24 Sep NZ6067/1067   AKL-PM-AKL         B767-200 Air New Zealand
Photo by GAFLIKS

ASY631 KC-30A tanker

ASY631 A39-004 KC30A Townsville-Port Moresby-Townsville, (29/9 Perth-Townsville)

Thanks Dave for the info and report.

A39-004 A332 at Townsville

Friday 28 September 2012

FA-18 action starts to heat up in Townsville!

A21-2 and A21-5 FA-18 photographed today in Townsville.

Also noted today was:

A97-468 C30J operating between Townsville and Scherger
A39-004 KC30 as DRGN31 which departed to Perth from Townsville

Thanks Dave for the pictures and report.

A21-2 FA-18 arriving at Townsville

A21-5 FA-18 arriving at Townsville

Westwind VH-KNR

BEGL40 VH-KNR WW24 Williamtown-Townsville-Brisbane

Picture and report by Dave.

VH-KNR WW24 arriving Townsville

RAAF BBJ in Northern Skies

EVY17 A36-002 B737 Townsville-Mackay, (27/9 noted Hamilton Is.-Cairns-Townsville)

Thanks Dave for the picture and report.

A36-002 B737 arriving Townsville

Omega heads south

OMEGA74 N624RH B703 Cairns-Amberley

N624RH B703 departing Cairns

Thursday 27 September 2012

Westwind VH-KNU

VH-KNU WW24 was noted in Townsville before heading to Nowra.

File Picture - VH-KNU WW24, Photo taken by Gordon

Omega departure on Video!

OMEGA74 N624RH B703 Cairns-AR Ops-Cairns

Thanks to the provider of Omega's departure off Rwy 15 at Cairns.

Wednesday 26 September 2012

Early morning departure and return for Omega

OMEGA74 N624RH B703 Cairns-AR Ops-Cairns

N624RH B703 arriving Cairns, Photo by Steve

Tuesday 25 September 2012

Another run for Omega

OMEGA74 N624RH B703 Cairns-AR Ops F/A18-Cairns

N624RH B703 departing Cairns

N624RH B703 arriving Cairns, Photo by GAFLIKS

Twin Otter P2-IRM

P2-IRM DHC6 Port Moresby-Cairns

Monday 24 September 2012

Omega heads to Amberley and back

OMEGA74 N624RH B703 Cairns-Amberley-Cairns

N624RH B703 departing Cairns, Picture by Steve

Sunday 23 September 2012

Twin Otter P2-IRM heads to PNG

P2-IRM DHC6 Cairns-Port Moresby-Mt Hagen

File Picture - P2-IRM at Cairns

Saturday 22 September 2012

Omega Tanker arrives in town!

OMEGA74 N624RH B703 Honolulu-Cairns

N624RH B703 arriving Cairns, Photo GAFLIKS

N624RH B703 arriving Cairns

N624RH B703 arriving Cairns

Friday 21 September 2012

Citation CJ3 ZK-TBM

ZK-TBM C25B Christchurch-Sydney-Cairns

ZK-TBM C25B at Cairns

Virgin VH-YIQ first visit to the North

First flight to North for VH-YIQ B738. Photo by Steve at Cairns.

VH-YIQ B738 at Cairns

Thursday 20 September 2012

N1BN Gulfstream V

N1BN GLF5 Kona-Cairns-Hamilton Is.

Pt. Deraya Air PK-DGI

PK-DGI ATP Cairns-Timika

PK-DGI ATP departing Cairns

PK-DGI ATP departing Cairns

Tuesday 18 September 2012

VH-XZA visits the Far North!

Qantas B738 VH-XZA "Your're the reason we fly" campaign was noted in both Cairns and Townsville today.

Thanks to Steve and Dave for these respective pictures.

VH-XZA B738 landing at Cairns

VH-XZA B738 at Townsville

Monday 17 September 2012

Sunday 16 September 2012

Zyb Lily Jet passes through Cairns

B-8196 GLEX Queenstown-Cairns-Tianjin

File Picture - B-8196 GLEX at Cairns

Friday 14 September 2012

Pt. Deraya Air ATP departs

PK-DGA ATP 400AF1 Cairns-Timika

PK-DGA ATP departing Cairns

PK-DGA ATP at Cairns

Hevilift Bell 206L departs

P2-HCO B206 Cairns-Coen-Horn Is.

P2-HCO B206 at Cairns

Pac 750XL ZK-KBU heads north

ZK-KBU P750 Cairns-Cooktown-Lockhart River-Bamaga

ZK-KBU P750 at Cairns

Thursday 13 September 2012

Pt. Deraya Air BAe ATP arrives in Cairns

PK-DGA ATP Sentani-Cairns

PK-DGA ATP arriving Cairns, Photo GAFLIKS

PK-DGA ATP at Cairns

C-FBBA appears with new P2- registration

C-FBBA Twin Otter was noted in Cairns today displaying new registration P2-KSQ with Hevilift titles.

P2-KSQ DHC6 at Cairns, Photo by GAFLIKS

Cessna 550 EUV with new prefix

Noted at Cairns today was Cessna Citation 550 VH-EUV now displaying new registration P2-EUV.

P2-EUV C550 at Cairns, Photo by GAFLIKS

Pictures from the Isa

Thanks Dave for providing these iconic pictures from Mt Isa.

Skytrans Dash 8 - VH-QQK

Qantas B738 - VH-VZC

Virgin E190 - VH-ZPA

Rex Saab 340 - VH-ZRM

Qantaslink Q400 - VH-LQJ

Air North E190 - VH-ANV

Wednesday 12 September 2012

RNZAF B752 at Cairns

KIW051 NZ7571 B752 Narita-Cairns-Whenuapai

NZ7571 B752 at Cairns

Tuesday 11 September 2012

Maxem Aviation Citation at Mt Isa

VH-MXD C550 Perth-Mt Isa-Townsville

Thanks to Dave for the picture and report from Mt Isa.

VH-MXD C550 at Mt Isa, Photo by Dave

MAF PNG Twin Otter heads back north

P2-MFB DHC6 Mareeba-Coen-Horn Is.-Mt Hagen

Aircraft arrived in Mareeba from PNG 3/7/2012.