Far North Queensland Skies Cairns and Townsville Airport, Australia

Far North Queensland Skies Cairns and Townsville Airport, Australia

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Tuesday 31 January 2012


ASY009 CS-TQM A343 49522D Brisbane-Sydney-Townsville-Darwin-Dubai

Thanks for the info Dave

File Picture provided by Dave - CS-TQM A343

VH-QOI Q400 in 40th Anniversary of Tamworth Music Festival Scheme

VH-QOI DH8D was noted into Cairns today sporting its new "40th Anniversary of Tamworth Music Festivals" scheme. Operated in as flight QF2300 from TSV and returning as QF2313 to TSV.

Photographed below by Steve.


Gulfstream V - VH-CCC

VH-CCC GLF5 Cairns-Sydney, arrived 30/1 from Coolangatta

VH-CCC GLF5 taxiing out for takeoff

Monday 30 January 2012

Helicopters pictures at Cairns

  Few recent helicopters at work around Cairns.







Sunday 29 January 2012

Townsville log today

ASY008 CS-TQM A343 49522D Dubai-Darwin-Townsville-Sydney-Brisbane
VH-MOR C25A 7C3EC9 Dunk Island-Townsville, noted at Dunk Is 4, 6 and 7 Jan previously
STAL35 A41-210 C17 7CF922 Darwin-Townsville

Thanks Dave and Mike for the info

File Picture - From Dave

Gulfstream G550 B-KEQ departs

B-KEQ GLF5 780A1B departed Cairns for Melbourne

Saturday 28 January 2012

RCH360 06-6159 departs

RCH360 06-6159 C17 AE145D departed Townsville back to Diego Garcia

(File Picture, 06-6159 C17 courtesy of Dave)

Chinese New Year charters - day 6 (final)

CES2233/2234 B-6506 A333 7804B1 Shanghai Pudong-Cairns-Shanghai Pudong

Friday 27 January 2012

RCH360 06-6159

RCH360 06-6159 C17 AE145D Diego Garcia-Townsville

Thanks Dave for the info and great pictures

Gulfstream G550 B-KEQ

B-KEQ GLF5 780A1B Coolangatta-Cairns

Thursday 26 January 2012

ASY007 - CS-TQM A343

ASY007 CS-TQM A343 49522D Dubai-Darwin-Townsville-Sydney-Brisbane

Thanks for the info Dave

(File Picture provided by Dave)

Chinese New Year charters - day 5

CSN6013/6014 B-2054 B772 7BF005 Guangzhou-Cairns-Guangzhou
CSN6041/6042 B-2053 B772 7BF004 Guangzhou-Cairns-Guangzhou

B2054 B772 CSN6014

B2053 B772 CSN6042

N3389H Global 5000 movement

N3389H GL5T Sydney-Cairns and later onto Hong Kong, aircraft operated CNS-SYD 25/1

Wednesday 25 January 2012

B-52H Stratofortress rounds Cape York

JEKYL31 and JEKYL32 B-52’s rounded the top of Cape York today enroute from Anderson AFB to the Delamere Range N.T. and return. This was the second known flight this week.

(File Picutre - courtesy of Minot AFB site)

OK Tedi Mining Twin Otter on it's way!

C-GOVN DHC6 per flightaware is enroute from Victoria (Canada) to PNG

Believed to become P2-IRM operated by OK Tedi Mining.

Photograph below by "Spotter Tim" at Victoria 21/1/2012.
Checkout Tim's website where you will find a great range of aircraft pictures:

C-GOVN DHC6 at Victoria (Canada)

Chinese New Year charters - day 4

CSN6013/6014 B-2054 B772 7BF005 Guangzhou-Cairns-Guangzhou
CSN6041/6042 B-2051 B772 7BF002 Guangzhou-Cairns-Guangzhou

B-2051 B772 CSN6042

VH-WJW Kingair Beech 350i ex. N8141T

VH-WJW B350 7C70BA departed Cairns for Toowoomba, aircraft arrived as N8141T Port Moresby-Cairns 20/12/2011.

N8141T B350 (file picture)

Referring blog post: http://fnqskies.blogspot.com/2011/12/king-air-350i-n8141t.html

Thanks Mike for the info

PNG Weekly Report 16-22 Jan

18/1 VH-VEU C441 Horn Is-Daru
18/1 P2-DRS BE9L Cairns-Port Moresby
19/1 LYC402 N402LC C130 Lae-Paya Lebar
22/1 P2-BWF P750 Horn Is-Cairns


P2-BWF P750

Thanks Mike for the info

Tuesday 24 January 2012

VH-VBY leaves paint shop

23/1 VH-VBY B737 departed Townsville for Melbourne as VOZ9072 7C6A8C

was noted operating today VOZ1519 Sydney-Townsville and VOZ1520 Townsville-Sydney

Thanks Dave for the info.

Chinese New Year charters - day 3

CES2233/2234 B-6095 A333 780094 Shanghai Pudong-Cairns-Shanghai Pudong
CSN6013/6014 B-2053 B772 7BF004 Guangzhou-Cairns-Guangzhou

B-2053 B772 CSN

Falcon 20 VH-PNY delivery

VH-PNY FA20 7C4DDC Koror (PTRO)-Townsville-Coffs Harbour-Bankstown
(Business Aviation Solutions)

was noted 19/1 into Midway and 20/1 into Koror

Monday 23 January 2012

Sunday 22 January 2012

Townsville movements Sunday

22/1/12 ASY006 CS-TQM A343 operated Dubai-Darwin-Townsville-Brisbane
22/1/12 ASY424 A41-210 C17 operated Townsville-Amberley (arr 21/1)

Thanks Dave for the info and great pictures!



A41-210 C17

Chinese New Year charters - day 2

CES2233/34 B-6126 A333 7800F2 Shanghai Pudong-Cairns-Shanghai Pudong
CPA2113/12 B-HLN A333 78018E Hong Kong-Cairns-Hong Kong
CSN6013/14 B-2054 B772 7BF005 Guangzhou-Cairns-Guangzhou
RPT was CPA103/102 B-LAD A333 7801C9 Hong Kong-Cairns-Brisbane

B-6126 A333 CES2233

B-HLN A333 CPA2113


B-6126 A333 CES2234

B-2054 B772 CSN6013

B-2054 B772 CSN

B-2054 B772 CSN

B-LAD A333 CPA103

B-LAD A333 CPA102 & B-HLN A333 CPA2112


B-2054 B772 CSN6014

B-2054 B772