Far North Queensland Skies Cairns and Townsville Airport, Australia

Far North Queensland Skies Cairns and Townsville Airport, Australia

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Sunday 24 December 2017

Airbus Eurocopter Bolkow BO 105 P2-NTI

Noted at Cairns today was a Bolkow BO105 registration P2-NTI.

P2-NTI BO105 at Cairns.

Cairns Aviation Skills Centre Falcon 10 ex. VH-WJW

Noted outside the Cairns Aviation Skills Centre today was a Falcon 10 ex. VH-WJW.

ex. VH-WJW Falcon 10 at the Cairns Aviation Skills Centre.
ex. VH-WJW Falcon 10 at the Cairns Aviation Skills Centre.

Saturday 23 December 2017

Air Calendonie ATR-72-600 F-OZNO delivery flight

TPC7207 F-OZNO AT76 Cairns-Noumea, was Broome-Cairns TPC7206 22/12/2017

F-OZNO AT76 at Cairns.

F-OZNO AT76 at Cairns.

Wednesday 20 December 2017

Hainan Airlines Inaugural Service from Shenzhen

Hainan Airlines commenced year round services from Shenzhen to Cairns today operated by an Airbus A330-200.

CHH745/746 B5963 A332 SZX-CNS-SZX

B5963 A332 at Cairns Airport, Photo taken 24/12/2017.

B5963 A332 at Cairns Airport, Photo taken 24/12/2017.

B5963 A332 at Cairns Airport, Photo taken 24/12/2017.

Tuesday 5 December 2017

China Southern Inaugural Service from Guangzhou

China Southern Airlines commenced year round services from Guangzhou to Cairns today operated by an Airbus A330-300.

CSN333/334 B8358 A333 CAN-CNS-CAN

B8358 A333 at Cairns.

B8358 A333 at Cairns.

B8358 A333 at Cairns.

Thursday 30 November 2017

FNQ Yestayear Images - November 1996

Yesteryear Nov 1996

 POTUS visit

The major activity for November was the U.S Presidential visit to Port Douglas. With the stopover of President Clinton on the 22nd following his visit to Canberra, the Presidential circus arrived in FNQ. Earlier in the week prior there was numerous flights into Cairns of C-141 Starlifters and C-5 Galaxy’s of AMC plus a Special Air Mission (SAM) VC-137 (27000) bringing in secret service equipment, secure mobile communication suites, vehicles and a Presidential VH-60N chopper.

Both VC-25’s of SAM were in use (29000 as AF1) and 28000. SAM Gulfstream C-20B (60403) acted as the ‘hot ship’ used by the Secret Service, plus as an emergency ‘egress’ aircraft for POTUS, it parks remote and remains fully fuelled with APU running alternating with ground power.

As is usual a team of Special Operations personnel are in attendance and  utilise the CH-53D Stallion helicopter, four of which were deployed  from Hawaii, 157133/02 of HMH-362, 157741/07 (YH) 157742/09 (YH) both of HMH-463 plus 157135/04 (unknown unit).  Interestingly, the VH-60N 163261 ‘Whitehawk’ was re-assembled in the former Ansett hangar at GA where the image was taken, it is operated by HMX-1 and uses c/s Marine 1 when POTUS is on board.

Special Air Mission (SAM) VC-137 (27000)

The White House press corps travelled on AF1 while media not sponsored for travel on the former used a Northwest DC-10-30 (N228NW) for its transport.

A memorable week at the Cairns Airport.

CH-53D Stallion helicopter's

VH-60N 163261 ‘Whitehawk’

Thanks to the late GAFLIKS for providing this Yestayear report.

 © Copyright.

Air North Embraer EMB-120 Brasília VH-ANN

Noted operating into Cairns today was VH-ANN Embraer EMB-120.
Service operated was Darwin-Groote Is.-Cairns return as ANO952/953.

VH-ANN E120 at Cairns.

Vistajet Global Express 9H-VJL arrives

VJT840 9H-VJL GLEX Hong Kong-Cairns

9H-VJL GLEX at Cairns.

Qantas "Fitzy & Wippa Take You to Movie World" decals on VH-XZP

Noted at Cairns yesterday was Qantas Boeing 737-800 VH-XZP wearing decals "Fitzy & Wippa Take You to Movie World".

VH-XZP B738 at Cairns.

Sunday 26 November 2017

TVPX Aircraft Solutions Inc. Trustee Gulfstream 650 G650ER N559FF

N559FF GLF6 Cairns-Sydney, was Nanjing-Cairns 25/11/2017

N559FF GLF6 at Cairns.

Global Express N416BD departs

N416BD GLEX Cairns-Papeete, was Sydney-Cairns 25/11/2017

N416BD GLEX at Cairns.

N416BD GLEX at Cairns.

Friday 24 November 2017

Sino Jet Boeing 737-700 P4-SJM

P4-SJM B737 Cairns-Beijing, was Melbourne-Cairns 23/11/2017

P4-SJM B737 at Cairns.

P4-SJM B737 at Cairns.

P4-SJM B737 at Cairns.

Wednesday 22 November 2017

German Air Force Airbus A310-304 10+23 returns

GAF384 10+23 A310 Noumea-Cairns-Singapore

10+23 A310 at Cairns Airport.

10+23 A310 at Cairns Airport.

10+23 A310 at Cairns Airport.

Tuesday 21 November 2017

New Tropic Air Twin Otter P2-TBM

Noted at Cairns 19/11/2017 new Tropic Air Twin Otter P2-TBM. Believed to be ex. P2-SWE South West Air.

P2-TBM DHC6 at Cairns.

Monday 20 November 2017

German Air Force Airbus A310-304 10+23

GAF384 10+23 A310 Singapore-Cairns-Noumea

10+23 A310 at Cairns Airport.

10+23 A310 at Cairns Airport.
10+23 A310 at Cairns Airport.

Socata TBM-930 SP-TBM

SP-TBM TBM9 Cairns-Sydney-Christchurch, was Jabiru-Cairns 17/11/2017

SP-TBM TBM9 at Cairns.

Saturday 18 November 2017

Hevilift Twin Otter P2-KSI

P2-KSI DHC6 Port Moresby-Cairns

P2-KSI DHC6 at Cairns.

Friday 17 November 2017

Boeing 737-7BC N666ML

BWJ666 N666ML B737 Cairns-Beijing, was Brisbane-Cairns 15/11/2017

N666ML B737 at Cairns.

Thursday 16 November 2017

Pt. Deraya Air BAe ATP PK-DGC

PK-DGC ATP Merauke-Cairns-Merauke

PK-DGC ATP at Cairns.

Tuesday 14 November 2017

Falcon 2000EX N909CF

N909CF F2TH Sydney-Cairns-Nadi

N909CF F2TH at Cairns.

Sunday 5 November 2017

New Jetgo Embraer ERJ-145 N16999

N16999 E145 Merauke divert- Townsville-Brisbane

N16999 E145 at Townsville, Photo by Leroy.

Saturday 4 November 2017

Global Express N416BD departs

N416BD GLEX Cairns-Sydney, was Perth-Cairns 3/11/2017

N416BD GLEX at Cairns.

Skytraders Airbus A319 VH-VCJ

SND2 VH-VCJ A319 Cairns-Port Moresby, was Sydney-Cairns 31/10/2017

VH-VCJ A319 at Cairns.

Friday 3 November 2017

FNQ Monthly Movements Summary - October 2017

Date Callsign Registration AC Type Route / Location Operator Comments
1/10/2017 KIW719 NZ7572 B752 CNS-PEN RNZAF  
1/10/2017 ASY693 A32-343 B350 TSV-HIR RAAF  
1/10/2017 ASY707 A32-348 B350 TSV-HIR RAAF  
2/10/2017   A15-307 CH47 TSV-CNS-YBSG Army  
2/10/2017   A15-304 CH47 TSV-CNS-YBSG Army  
2/10/2017   A15-308 CH47 TSV-CNS-YBSG Army  
2/10/2017   A15-305 CH47 TSV-CNS-YBSG Army  
3/10/2017 JGO94 VH-ZJG E135 BNE-CNS-SYD Jetgo  
3/10/2017 PAL218/219 RP-C8764 A333 MNL-CNS-AKL-CNS-MNL Philippine Airlines Ops by A333
3/10/2017 CBRA46 N52-006 EC35 CNS-TSV RAN  
4/10/2017   VH-OCV GLEX CNS-XSP    
4/10/2017   P2-ALC BE20 CNS-POM    
4/10/2017 ASY728 A41-211 C17 TSV-VLI RAAF  
5/10/2017   VH-QQC DH8A CNS  Skytrans Recycled
5/10/2017 TOM921 G-OOBD B752 APW-CNS Thomson Airways  
5/10/2017   P2-MEH C25B GUR-CNS-POM Tropic Air  
5/10/2017 ASY1065 VH-ZZA DH8B CNS-HIR Surveillance Australia  
5/10/2017 KIW226 NZ7002 C130 POM-DIL-TSV RNZAF  
6/10/2017   PK-FSX DHC6 CNS-HID-MKQ    
6/10/2017 KIW226 NZ7002 C130 TSV-CHC RNZAF  
7/10/2017 TOM921 G-OOBD B752 CNS-REP Thomson Airways  
8/10/2017   VP-CZS FA7X SYD-CNS-PEK    
8/10/2017   PK-HVT C208 MKQ-CNS    
8/10/2017 KIW694 NZ7004 C130 WPE-CHC-TSV RNZAF  
9/10/2017 KIW964 NZ7004 C130 TSV-SZB RNZAF  
9/10/2017   ZU-IHF RV10 OOL-CNS    
9/10/2017   P2-NTZ KODI POM-CNS New Tribes Mission  
9/10/2017 TOM922 G-OOBF B752 APW-CNS Thomson Airways  
9/10/2017   VH-OVS BE40 GUR-CNS     
10/10/2017   ZK-XLF F406 POM-CNS-OOL    
10/10/2017 CFH46 VH-OVS BE40 CNS-DRW    
10/10/2017   P2-MEH C25B POM-CNS-POM    
11/10/2017 TOM922 G-OOBF B752 CNS-REP Thomson Airways  
11/10/2017   P2-NTZ KODI CNS-POM New Tribes Mission  
11/10/2017 ASY1065 VH-ZZA DH8B HIR-CNS Surveillance Australia  
11/10/2017   P2-SWE DHC6 POM-CNS Southwest Air  
12/10/2017   ZU-IHF RV10 CNS-ASP    
14/10/2017   P2-MEH C25B POM-CNS-SYD Tropic Air  
15/10/2017   P2-JAU BE20 LAE-CNS Tropic Air  
16/10/2017   VH-FLL C208 CNS-POM    
16/10/2017   P2-JAU BE20 CNS-POM Tropic Air  
17/10/2017   C-FSDS C56X MAJ-CNS-PER    
18/10/2017   VH-ZIY C25B RAB-CNS-MCY Machjet  
19/10/2017   VH-VPL C56X BNE-CNS-BNE    
19/10/2017   VH-YWJ DHC6 ISA-YTMO-ISA-YGTN-CNS Hevilift  
20/10/2017   N181KQ KODI AMZ-AKL-NLK-CNS    
20/10/2017   T3-JMR BE20 CNS-HIR    
21/10/2017 QQE580 A7-CGA GLF6 SIN-CNS    
21/10/2017   N308KG GLF5 HKG-CNS    
21/10/2017   N181KQ KODI CNS-DRW    
21/10/2017 ASY209 A9-664 P3 North-YBTL RAAF  
22/10/2017 SXI1744 F-ORVR AT76 KOE-CNS Air Tahiti Delivery
22/10/2017 STKR67 A9-664 P3 TSV-EDN RAAF  
23/10/2017 SXI1744 F-ORVR AT76 CNS-NAN Air Tahiti Delivery
23/10/2017 ASY933 VH-LCL DH8B CNS-POM Fugro LADS  
23/10/2017   N360SL CL60 DRW-CNS    
24/10/2017   P2-NTZ KODI POM-CNS New Tribes Mission  
24/10/2017   P2-NTE KODI POM-CNS New Tribes Mission  
25/10/2017 ANG9401 P2-PXL DH8C MXH-CNS Air Niugini Medivac
26/10/2017 GAP5007 RP-C5007 DH8C DRW-CNS Philippine Airlines Maintenance
26/10/2017   P2-NTE KODI CNS-POM New Tribes Mission  
26/10/2017   P2-NTZ KODI CNS-POM New Tribes Mission  
26/10/2017 ANG4400 P2-PXL DH8C CNS-MXH Air Niugini  
26/10/2017   VH-YWJ DHC6 ISA-CNS  Hevilift  
27/10/2017   VH-VLT E135 POM-CNS-ASP    
28/10/2017   A36-001 B737 CBR-CNS-CBR RAAF  
28/10/2017   N308KG GLF5 CNS-OOL    
28/10/2017 KIW746 NZ7572 B752 WLG-CNS-CRK RNZAF  
28/10/2017   A7-CGA GLF6 CNS-SIN Qatar  
30/10/2017   A97-441 C30J XRH-CNS-HID RAAF  
30/10/2017 KIW746 NZ7572 B752 CRK-CNS-WPE RNZAF  
30/10/2017   P2-MEH C25B ACF-CNS Tropic Air  
31/10/2017   P2-MEH C25B CNS-POM Tropic Air  
31/10/2017 SND2 VH-VCJ A319 SYD-CNS  Skytraders