Far North Queensland Skies Cairns and Townsville Airport, Australia

Far North Queensland Skies Cairns and Townsville Airport, Australia

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Saturday 31 December 2016

Global 6000 N163GF and Gulfstream 550 VP-CNP

N163GF GLEX Cairns-Hong Kong, was Coolangatta-Cairns 29/12/2016

VP-CNP GLF5 Cairns-Hong Kong, was Coolangatta-Cairns 29/12/2016

N163GF GLEX at Cairns.
VP-CNP GLF5 at Cairns.

Thursday 29 December 2016

Hevilift ATR-42 P2-KSD first service

Ex. Total Linhas Aereas ATR-42 (PR-TTM) now P2-KSD operated its first service today to Mt Hagen.

P2-KSD AT45 Cairns-Mt Hagen

P2-KSD AT45 at Cairns.

P2-KSD AT45 at Cairns.

Monday 26 December 2016

Ex. Austrian Airlines Fokker F-100 OE-LVL delivery flight

Ex. Austrian Airlines Fokker F100 OE-LVL overnighted in Cairns last night on delivery to Alliance Airlines.

SXI1665 OE-LVL F100 Cairns-Brisbane, was Penang-Kupang-Cairns 25/12/2016

OE-LVL F100 at Cairns.

OE-LVL F100 at Cairns.

Jetstar Airbus A321 Sharklet VH-VWQ first visit

VH-VWQ A321 SL operated the Melbourne-Cairns return service today, which was its first visit to the north since arriving in Australia on the 28th of November 2016.

VH-VWQ A321 at Cairns.

Saturday 24 December 2016

P2-KSD ATR-42 in new Hevilift scheme

Ex. Total Linhas Aereas ATR-42 (PR-TTM) was noted today in Cairns wearing a new Hevilift scheme registered as P2-KSD.

See Previous post: http://fnqskies.blogspot.com.au/2016/09/hevilift-atr-42-500-pr-ttm-delivery.html

P2-KSD AT42 at Cairns.

Air Tahiti ATR72-600 F-ORVV delivery flight

F-ORVV AT76 Cairns-Nadi, was Lombok-Cairns 23/12/2016

F-ORVV AT76 at Cairns.

F-ORVV AT76 at Cairns.

Tuesday 20 December 2016

Royal Air Force Airbus A400M Atlas ZM400 departs

RRR4527 ZM400 A400M Cairns-Nadi, was Brunei-Cairns 6/12/2016

ZM400 A400M at Cairns.

ZM400 A400M at Cairns.

ZM400 A400M at Cairns.

Sunday 18 December 2016

Skydive the Beach Group Cessna Caravan C208 VH-DZZ

Skydive Australia Cessna Caravan C208 VH-DZZ noted at Cairns today. Aircraft has been operating from Cairns since the 3/12/2016. (was Wollongong-Emerald-Cairns 3/12/2016)

VH-DZZ C208 at Cairns.

Saturday 17 December 2016

Air Caledonie ATR72-600 F-OZLI delivery flight

F-OZLI AT76 Cairns-Noumea, was Kupang-Cairns 16/12/2016

F-OZLI AT76 at Cairns.

Australian Border Force Bell 412 VH-RHJ

Noted at Cairns today was Australian Border Force Horn Is. based Bell 412 VH-RHJ.

VH-RHJ B412 at Cairns.

Bizjet pair VP-CPY & VP-CCN drop-in for the night

VP-CPY GLF5 Cairns-Hong Kong, was Melbourne-Cairns 16/12/2016 and
VP-CCN GLEX Cairns-Hong Kong, was Canberra-Cairns 16/12/2016

VP-CPY GLF5 at Cairns.

VP-CCN GLEX at Cairns.

Friday 16 December 2016

Surveillance Australia Dash 8 VH-LCL returns

The Cairns based Navy Survey Dash 8 VH-LCL returned today after conducting survey flights around the Kaikoura region in New Zealand's South Island where last months severe earthquake was centred. The aircraft operated a series of flights from Christchurch Airport between 1-14 December.

VH-LCL DH8B Norfolk Is.-Cairns, was Cairns-Sydney 29/11/2016

VH-LCL DH8B at Cairns.

Thursday 15 December 2016

Jin Air Inaugural Service ICN-CNS

Jin Air from South Korea commenced services today from Incheon to Cairns using a Boeing 777-200 aircraft. The service will operate twice weekly with 16 flights until February 2017.

JNA659/660 HL7743 B772 Incheon-Cairns-Incheon

HL7743 B772 at Cairns.

HL7743 B772 at Cairns.

HL7743 B772 at Cairns.

HL7743 B772 at Cairns.

Sunday 11 December 2016

Surveillance Australia (AMSA) Challenger CL-600 VH-XND arrives

The first Challenger CL-604 has arrived at its new base in Cairns today. The aircraft will be operated by Cobham conducting AMSA duties.

VH-XND CL60 Adelaide-Cairns

VH-XND CL60 at Cairns.

Saturday 10 December 2016

Air Caledonie ATR72-600 F-OZIP delivery flight

F-OZIP AT76 Cairns-Noumea, was Kupang-Cairns 9/12/2016

F-OZIP AT76 at Cairns.

F-OZIP AT76 at Cairns.

F-OZIP AT76 at Cairns, Photo by GAFLIKS.

Friday 9 December 2016

Ex Skytrans Dash 8 Q300 (VH-QQM) C-GCBK departs

Ex Skytrans Dash 8 Q300 VH-QQM departed Cairns today Inter Aero in Canada as C-GCBK.

C-GCBK DH8C Cairns-Majuro

C-GCBK DH8C at Cairns.

C-GCBK DH8C at Cairns.

Thursday 8 December 2016

China Southern Airlines Flight 335 diverts to Cairns

CSN335 B2736 B788 Guangzhou-Auckland diverted to Cairns in the early hours, after 4.5 hrs on the ground the aircraft continued onto Auckland.

CSN B2736 B788 OTT Cairns.

Wednesday 7 December 2016

Columbia Helicopters Boeing Chinook 234 N238CH

N238CH H47 Cairns-Horn Is.-Port Moresby, was Emerald-Mackay-Townsville-Cairns 6/12/2016

N238CH H47 at Townsville, Photo by Leroy.

N238CH H47 at Cairns.

RNZAF P-3K2 Orion NZ4205

KIW48 NZ4205 P3 Townsville-Honiara, was Port Vila-Townsville 6/12/2016

NZ4205 P3 at Townsville, Photo by Leroy.

Tuesday 6 December 2016

Adani Mining Embraer ERJ-135BJ VT-AML

VT-AML E35L Melbourne-Townsville-Prosperpine-Brisbane

VT-AML E35L at Townsville, Photo by Graham.

VT-AML E35L at Townsville, Photo by Leroy.

Monday 5 December 2016

Sunday 4 December 2016

Saturday 3 December 2016

FNQ Monthly Movements Summary - November 2016

November 2016
Date Callsign Registration AC Type Route / Location Operator Comments
1/11/2016 ANZ6090 ZK-OXM A320 CNS-AKL Air New Zealand Delivery Flight
1/11/2016 CFC2412 CH12412 S61 SHIP-CNS-SHIP Canadian Air Force HMCS Vancouver
1/11/2016   P2-NTZ KODI POM-CNS New Tribes Mission Av  
1/11/2016 TOM913 G-OOBC B752 APW-CNS Thomson Airways  
1/11/2016 KIW809 NZ7004 C130 TSV-WPE RNZAF  
1/11/2016   ZK-TBO T182 Noted at MRG   Mareeba AD
2/11/2016   VH-PDW CV580 CNS-POM Pionair  
3/11/2016   P2-NTZ KODI CNS-POM New Tribes Mission Av  
3/11/2016 TOM913 G-OOBC B752 CNS-REP Thomson Airways  
3/11/2016   N5000X GLF5 CNS-AYQ    
3/11/2016 SJM23 VP-CQQ GLF4 HKG-CNS-SYD    
3/11/2016   P2-SWZ BE20 GUR-CNS-POM South West Air  
4/11/2016 TOM914 G-OOBF B752 APW-CNS Thomson Airways  
4/11/2016   VH-PDW CV580 POM-CNS Pionair  
5/11/2016   D-AZEM F900 ICN-CNS-CBR    
5/11/2016   VH-VCJ A319 MEL-CNS-ADL    
5/11/2016   VP-CQQ GLF4 SYD-CNS    
6/11/2016 TOM914 G-OOBF B752 CNS-REP Thomson Airways  
6/11/2016   VP-CQQ GLF4 CNS-HKG    
6/11/2016 ANG6094 P2-ANM DH8C POM-CNS Air Niugini Maintenance
8/11/2016   F-OIPI AT45 NOU-CNS Air Caladonie  
9/11/2016   F-OIPI AT45 CNS-KOE Air Caladonie  
10/11/2016 KIW461 NZ7571 B752 OKO-CNS RNZAF  
10/11/2016   P2-MEH C25B MXH-CNS Tropic Air  
10/11/2016 JN505 5505 P1 UAM-TSV Japan Navy  
10/11/2016 JN508 5508 P1 UAM-TSV Japan Navy  
11/11/2016 KIW461 NZ7571 B752 CNS-WLG RNZAF  
11/11/2016 JN505 5505 P1 TSV-WPE Japan Navy RNZN 75th Anniversary
11/11/2016 JN508 5508 P1 TSV-WPE Japan Navy RNZN 75th Anniversary
14/11/2016   P2-ALC BE20 POM-CNS    
15/11/2016 KNX01 950901 P3 UAM-TSV Korean Navy  
16/11/2016   VH-URR CL60 SON-CNS-BNE    
16/11/2016 KNX01 950901 P3 TSV-WPE Korean Navy RNZN 75th Anniversary
17/11/2016   P2-SIT KODI POM-CNS SIL Aviation  
18/11/2016   P2-SIT KODI CNS-POM SIL Aviation  
20/11/2016   N650NY GLF6 KOA-CNS    
21/11/2016 JN505 5505 P1 WPE-TSV Japan Navy  
21/11/2016 JN508 5508 P1 WPE-TSV Japan Navy  
21/11/2016 QFA130 VH-QPA A333 SHA-CNS-SYD Qantas Diversion
22/11/2016   P2-JON BE20 BNE-CNS-POM Tropic Air  
22/11/2016 JN505 5505 P1 TSV-UAM Japan Navy  
22/11/2016 JN508 5508 P1 TSV-UAM Japan Navy  
22/11/2016   P2-NTZ KODI POM-CNS New Tribes Mission Av  
23/11/2016   VH-SFW B462 DRW-CNS Pionair Delivery Flight
23/11/2016   C-GCBK DH8C Noted at CNS   Ex VH-QQM
24/11/2016   P2-NTZ KODI CNS-POM New Tribes Mission Av  
24/11/2016   VH-SFW B462 CNS-BNE Pionair Delivery Flight
25/11/2016   P2-NTZ KODI HKN-CNS New Tribes Mission Av  
25/11/2016   N650NY GLF6 CNS-KOA    
25/11/2016 CPA134 B-LAQ A333 MEL-divert CNS-HKG Cathay Pacific Diversion
26/11/2016   B-LCK GLF4 HKG-CNS-ZQN    
26/11/2016 SND2 VH-VCJ A319 DRW-CNS-SYD Sky Traders  
26/11/2016   P2-NTZ KODI CNS-POM New Tribes Mission Av  
28/11/2016   P2-SIT KODI POM-CNS SIL Aviation  
29/11/2016   P2-SIT KODI CNS-POM SIL Aviation  
29/11/2016   ZK-TBO T182 MRG-HID-POM    
30/11/2016   N163GF GLEX HKG-CNS    
30/11/2016 HFY731 CS-TFX A345 AKL-CNS Hi Fly  
30/11/2016   P2-PNG B350 POM-CNS    
30/11/2016 KNX01 950901 P3 WPE-TSV Korean Navy  
30/11/2016   P2-HFD C208 POM-HID-CNS Helifix Operations  

Global 6000 N163GF

N163GF GLEX Cairns-Sydney, was Hong Kong-Cairns 30/11/2016

N163GF GLEX at Cairns.

Friday 2 December 2016

HiFly Airbus A340-500 CS-TFX departs

HFY731 CS-TFX A345 Cairns-Hanoi

CS-TFX A345 at Cairns.

CS-TFX A345 at Cairns.

Thursday 1 December 2016

Republic of Korea Navy P-3C-III+ 950901

KNX01 950901 P3 Townsville-Andersen, Whenuapai-Townsville 30/11/2016

950901 P3 at Townsville, Photo by Leroy.

Helifix Operations Cessna C208 P2-HFD departs south

P2-HFD C208 Cairns-Maryborough

P2-HFD C208 at Cairns.

McDermott Aviation Bell 214 P2-MSA

P2-MSA B214 Townsville-Cairns-Cooktown

P2-MSA B214 at Cairns.