Far North Queensland Skies Cairns and Townsville Airport, Australia

Far North Queensland Skies Cairns and Townsville Airport, Australia

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Friday 31 March 2017

Air Niugini commence services into Townsville

Air Niugini commenced regular services from Port Moresby to Townsville today.

PX60 operated by P2-PXC B737-800 flew POM-TSV and returned at PX61. The services will operate twice a week on Monday and Friday and will utilize a Fokker 70 aircraft.

Air Niugini was last seen operating regular services into Townsville in the 1980's.

P2-PXC B738 at Townsville, Photo by Graham.

Saturday 25 March 2017

McDermott Aviation AS 365 N2 Dauphin N365JL

N365JL AS365 noted at Townsville.

N365JL AS365 at Townsville, Photo by Leroy.

Wednesday 22 March 2017

Phenom 300 N666DM passes through

N666DM E55P Archerfield-Cairns-Darwin

N666DM E55P at Cairns.

Monday 13 March 2017

Fiji Airways Boeing 737-800 DQ-FJN heads back home

FJI2006 DQ-FJN B738 Seletar-Cairns-Nadi

DQ-FJN B738 at Cairns.

DQ-FJN B738 at Cairns.

DQ-FJN B738 at Cairns.

G.A. notes at Cairns from the weekend 11-12 March

VH-KQF BE20 with RAAF titles at Cairns,
Photo by GAFLIKS.

P2-SIB KODI which operated POM-CNS on the 8th and
returned to POM on the 12th. Photo by GAFLIKS.

Wednesday 8 March 2017

Hevilift Ltd Twin Otter P2-IRN departs

P2-IRN DHC6 Cairns-Port Moresby-Mt Hagen

P2-IRN DHC6 at Cairns.

Global Express N888GX passes through

N888GX GLEX (Honolulu)-Cairns-Perth

N888GX GLEX at Cairns.

Monday 6 March 2017

US Navy P-8 Poseidon's 168439 and 168849 - mark first of type visit to Cairns

LANCR11 168439 P-8 Avalon-Cairns-Kadena
LANCR99 168849 P-8 Pearce-Cairns-Kadena

168439 P-8 at Cairns.

168439 P-8 at Cairns.

168849 P-8 at Cairns.

168439 P-8 at Cairns.

168439 P-8 at Cairns.

Saturday 4 March 2017

RAAF F/A-18's return from exercise Cope North 2017

ASY1003 F/A-18's Andersen-Townsville-Williamtown

A21-101 F-18 at Townsville, Photo by Leroy.

A21-109 F-18 at Townsville, Photo by Leroy.

Friday 3 March 2017

Cessna Citation C550 P2-MRM

P2-MRM C550 Port Moresby-Cairns

P2-MRM C550 at Cairns.

Air Vanuatu Twin Otter YJ-RV10

YJ-RJ10 DHC6 ...Gurney-Cairns

YJ-RV10 DHC6 at Cairns.

Thursday 2 March 2017

FNQ Monthly Movements Summary - February 2017

Date Callsign Registration AC Type Route / Location Operator Comments
1/02/2017 TOM916 G-OOBC B752 CNS-REP Thomson Airways  
1/02/2017   VH-ATO N22B CNS-POM    
2/02/2017   9N-AMD AT75 NOU-CNS Ex Air Calendonie Buddah Air
2/02/2017 JNA659/660 HL7734 B772 ICN-CNS-ICN Jin Air  
3/02/2017   9N-AMD AT75 CNS-KOE Ex Air Calendonie Buddah Air
3/02/2017   VH-PNY FA20 INU-CNS    
3/02/2017   VH-CCX GLEX MEL-CNS    
3/02/2017   P2-IRN DHC6 POM-CNS Hevilift  
3/02/2017   P2-KSV AT42 Noted in CNS Hevilift Noted in new Hevilift scheme
3/02/2017   P2-ANW F900 POM-CNS-BWU    
4/02/2017   N277FL GLF6 OOL-CNS    
4/02/2017   P2-MEH C25B POM-CNS-POM Tropic Air  
5/02/2017 JNA659/660 HL7743 B772 ICN-CNS-ICN Jin Air  
5/02/2017   VH-CCX GLEX CNS-SYD    
6/02/2017   B-LCK GLF4 HKG-CNS-SYD    
6/02/2017   VP-CZS FA7X SYD-CNS-PEK    
6/02/2017   P2-NTZ KODI POM-CNS New Tribes Mission Av  
6/02/2017   N277FL GLF6 CNS-CAN    
7/02/2017   B-LCK GLF4 SYD-CNS-SHA    
7/02/2017   T3-JMR BE20 HIR-CNS   Maintenance
8/02/2017   VH-VCJ A319 MEL-CNS-DRW    
8/02/2017   P2-NTZ KODI CNS-POM New Tribes Mission Av  
9/02/2017   P2-MEH C25B POM-CNS-SYD Tropic Air  
9/02/2017   P2-JON BE20 POM-CNS-CNS Tropic Air  
10/02/2017   P2-MEH C25B SYD-CNS-POM Tropic Air  
10/02/2017 GAP5006 RP-C3016 DH8C CNS-DRW-AMQ Philippine Airlines Ex Maintenance
11/02/2017   VH-XNE CL60 CNS-PER    
11/02/2017 QFA7301 VH-XMB B73F HIR-CNS Qantas Freight  
12/02/2017   P2-MEH C25B HIR-CNS-POM Tropic Air  
13/02/2017   N500 PAY2 CNS-MRG    
13/02/2017 BLKT11 A47-001 P-8A YPED-TSV-AMB RAAF 1st visit
14/02/2017 POLAR21 98-0051 C-17 KTR-TSV USAF  
14/02/2017 DICE1   F-22 KTR-TSV USAF  
14/02/2017 RCH325   K35R DRW-TSV USAF  
14/02/2017 QFA118 VH-QPI A333 HKG-CNS-SYD Qantas   Medical diversion
17/02/2017   B-8108 GLF5 HNL-CNS-HTI    
17/02/2017   P2-SWZ BE20 POM-CNS-POM South West Air  
18/02/2017   P2-ANW F900 BWU-CNS-POM    
19/02/2017 GAP5009 RP-C3036 DH8D BIK-CNS Philippine Airlines Maintenance
20/02/2017   B-8108 GLF5 HTI-CNS-HNL    
21/02/2017   P2-NTE KODI POM-CNS New Tribes Mission Av 1st visit P2-NTE
21/02/2017   P2-PHC EC45 CKN-TSV-WSY Pacific Helicopters PNG ex ZK-HPB
22/02/2017 FJI2005 DQ-FJN B738 NAN-CNS-XSP Fiji Airways Maintenance ferry flight
23/02/2017   P2-NTE KODI CNS-POM New Tribes Mission Av  
24/02/2017 ASY312 A36-002 B737 POM-CNS-POM RAAF  
26/02/2017   YJ-AV72 AT75 VLI-CNS Air Vanuatu  
26/02/2017   N1GN GLF5 SYD-CNS    
26/02/2017 RSCU660 VH-XND CL60 CNS-HIR    
26/02/2017 CNV7503 165313 C130T UAM-TSV US Navy  
27/02/2017 CNV7503 165313 C130T TSV-PER    
27/02/2017 RSCU660 VH-XND CL60 HIR-CNS    
27/02/2017   N1GN GLF5 CNS-TSV    
27/02/2017   YJ-AV72 AT75 CNS-KOE Air Vanuatu  

Wednesday 1 March 2017

Twin Otter DHC-6-400 N153QS arrives

N153QS DHC6 ...Horn Is.-Cairns, in previous days aircraft was noted passing through Chuuk

N153QS DHC6 at Cairns.