Far North Queensland Skies Cairns and Townsville Airport, Australia

Far North Queensland Skies Cairns and Townsville Airport, Australia

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Monday 31 December 2012

FNQ Yestayear Images - December 1991

Season's Greetings to all.
Special thanks to those who have provided pictures and reports throughout the year!

Thanks GAFLIKS for the Yestayear report and pictures!

DEC 01

Former TAA DHC-6-300 Twin Otter displays Islands Helicopters (PNG) billboard trim on its delivery flight through Cairns for Rabaul, but still wears its TAA registration VH-TNS.  It became P2-IAE.

VH-TNS DHC6 at Cairns

DEC 02
Nationair (PNG) commenced contract flights from POM to CNS on behalf of OK Tedi Mining with EMB110 P2-NAL.  Note Lloyd titling.  These flights were the beginning of what became a regular specialised service for OK Tedi, still in operation today operating Dash 8’s.

P2-NAL E110 at Cairns

DEC 03
A pair of former Asahi Airlines EMB110’s overnighted Cairns on their delivery flight to Aeromil. They were JA8842 and JA8843 seen here after arrival.  The rather lengthy routing (standard tanks) was Oita-Okinawa-Manila-Davao-Biak-Wewak-Port Moresby-Cairns-Rockhampton-Tamworth.  Aeromil refurbished the aircraft to pure freighters (along with two other examples from other sources) for onward delivery to Payam Aviation Svcs, Teheran, (for Iranian Postal Service).

JA8842 and JA8843 E110 at Cairns

DEC 15
Bringing a splash of colour to the Britannia charter programme was B767-200 G-BYAA wearing full Air Aruba trim with Britannia titles.  The aircraft had been leased previously by Air Aruba and was about to return to them for a further lease, hence the retainment of the trim.

G-BYAA B762 at Cairns

DEC 20

With just five days before Christmas, Compass collapsed, stranding passengers in this busy period, with the fleet grounded in Sydney and Brisbane.  Sadly all that was left in Cairns was the Airline’s coach. 

Compass bus at Cairns!



Air Niugini Q400 P2-PXQ picture

Recent Air Niugini Q400 delivery flight P2-PXQ into Cairns which arrived 19/12/2012, captured by Damian F of the Central Queensland Plane Spotting blog. http://cqplanespotting.blogspot.com/

Referring post: http://fnqskies.blogspot.com.au/2012/12/air-niugini-q400-delivery.html

P2-PXQ DH8D at Cairns, picutre by Damian F

Gulfstream V N550AU picture

Thanks to John for providing this picture of N550AU GLF5 which operated into Cairns last week from Macau.

N550AU GLF5 at Cairns, Picture by John

Innisfail, Tully and Townsville report

Recent pictures at Innisfail, Tully and Townsville thanks to Damian F of the Central Queensland Plane Spotting blog for providing pictures. http://cqplanespotting.blogspot.com/ 

VH-XLC P750 at Innisfail displaying Sydney Skydiver titles

VH-YMV C208 at Tully

VH-XWR F100 at Townsville

P2-LNJ BE20 at Townsville

Cessna Caravan's VH-BAM and VH-WZJ

VH-ZMY BE20 at Townsville

VH-DJG C208 at Townsville

Sunday 30 December 2012

N624SP and N86RR noted at Townsville

Recent pictures at Townsville of N624SP C172 and N86RR C182 being unpacked out of a crate. FAA register shows recent export to Australia, thanks to Damian F of the Central Queensland Plane Spotting blog for providing the pictures. http://cqplanespotting.blogspot.com/ 

N624SP C172 at Townsville

N86RR C182 at Townsville

Views of Cairns Airport

A selection of various views at Cairns Airport.

International Apron at Cairns Airport

Domestic Apron at Cairns Airport

Northern General Aviation at Cairns Airport,
which includes Hevilift, Westwing, Hinterland, Daintree
and RFDS facilities

Central General Aviation at Cairns Airport,
which includes Hawkers, Police Airwing and Barrier Aviation

Southern General Aviation at Cairns Airport,
which includes Cobham, Aeroclub and Skytrans

Belfast and DC3 parked at Northern General Aviation

Northern End of Airport with Barron River in background

Saturday 29 December 2012

Korean Airlines Charter

KAL9127/3128 HL7495 B744 Nagoya-Cairns-Incheon

HL7495 B744 departing Cairns

Christmas Corporate Jet Movements

VT-VLN F2TH Singapore-Cairns   
VT-BRK F2TH Singapore-Cairns

TBJ23 VP-CLY GLEX Shanghai Hongqiao-Cairns-Brisbane

N550AU GLF5 Macau-Cairns
VH-DBT GLF4 Sydney-Cairns

VH-VPL C680 Sydney-Cairns
VP-CLI GLF4 Hong Kong-Cairns

VT-VLN F2TH Cairns-Coolangatta
VT-BRK F2TH Cairns-Coolangatta
VP-CLI GLF4 Cairns-Coolangata-Cairns
B-KID G550 Townsville-Hong Kong

N125JF GALX Nadi-Cairns

N550AU GLF5 Cairns-Macau
VP-CLI GLF4 Cairns-Hong Kong

VH-VPL C680 Cairns-Sydney
VH-DBT GLF4 Cairns-Sydney
N125JF GALX Cairns-Essendon

VH-VPL C680 at Cairns

VT-BRK F2TH at Cairns,
Credit to Damian F of the CQ Plane Spotting Blog

VT-BRK & VT-VLN F2TH at Cairns,
Credit to Damian F of the CQ Plane Spotting Blog

Skyforce Aviation Convair VH-PDX

VH-PDX CVLT Cairns-Moro

VH-PDX CVLT departing Cairns

Friday 21 December 2012

Vincent Aviation Saab 340 VH-VNY

Noted in Townsville today Vincent Aviation Saab 340 VH-VNY.

VH-VNY SF34 at Townsville

Air Niugini Q400 delivery

ANG6091 P2-PXQ DH8D Cairns-Port Moresby. was Biak-Cairns 19/12/2012

Wednesday 19 December 2012

Tuesday 18 December 2012

Sunday 16 December 2012

Air Niugini Dash 8 P2-ANL

Noted at Cairns recently without titles, P2-ANL DH8A

P2-ANL DH8B at Cairns

Friday 14 December 2012

Air China A330 heads north

CCA058 B6131 A332 78048E Cairns-Beijing

B6131 A332 departing Cairns

Tropicair Kingair

P2-MAX BE20 898057 Cairns-Port Moresby

P2-MAX BE20 at Cairns

Cessna Caravan's heading south

N308TC C208 Townsville-Adelaide, was Majuro-Townsville 13/12
N309TC C208 Townsville-Adelaide, was Majuro-Townsville 13/12

Thursday 13 December 2012

Air China A332 B-6131

CCA058 B6131 A332 78048E Canberra-Cairns

B6131 A332 at Cairns

Monday 10 December 2012

China Southern Airbus A-380 in our skies!

Operating today in lieu of the regular A332 service was the Airbus A380 for China Southern.

CSN305 B6139 A388 7808B0 enroute Guangzhou-Auckland

B-6139 A388 overhead Cairns

B-6139 A388 overhead Cairns

Sunday 9 December 2012

Gulfstream IV N810LP departs

N810LP GLF4 AB0A64 Cairns-Coolangatta

N810LP GLF4 at Cairns

Saturday 8 December 2012

Images from the Far North this week

VH-ZRB SF34 at Townsville, Photo by Dave

P2-ANC F100 at Cairns

VH-FVN AT72 at Townsville, Photo by Dave

VH-EBA A332 at Cairns

Friday 7 December 2012

RAAF KC-30A Tanker drops-in!

DRGN01 A39-004 KC30 Amberley-Cairns-Amberley

A39-004 KC30A at Cairns

A39-004 KC30A at Cairns

Great Barrier Reef Helicopters Bell 206

VH-CDS B206 displaying "Nemo" scheme at Cairns

VH-CDS B206 at Cairns

Global 5000 N103ZZ

TBJ29 N103ZZ GL5T Auckland-Cairns-Hong Kong

N103ZZ GL5T at Cairns

N103ZZ GL5T at Cairns

Skytrans Dash 8 VH-QQD (2)

VH-QQD (2) ex. SA-AAA DH8A photograhed today with new registration.

Referring post: http://fnqskies.blogspot.com.au/2012/10/skytrans-dash-8-100-delivery.html

VH-QQD (2) DH8A at Cairns

Wednesday 5 December 2012

Westwinds AJP and AJV depart

VH-AJP and VH-AJV WW24 departing Townsville

VH-AJP WW24 at Townsville, Photo by Dave

VH-AJV WW24 at Townsville, Photo by Dave

F/A-18's set to head home!

A21-18 F/A-18 at Townsville, Photo by Dave