Far North Queensland Skies Cairns and Townsville Airport, Australia

Far North Queensland Skies Cairns and Townsville Airport, Australia

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Saturday 30 June 2012

FNQ Yestayear Images - Jun 1991

 Thanks GAFLIKS for the Yestayear report and pictures!

RAAF F1-11 A8-147 overnighted 05 June,
parked at Ansett ramp, but QF power unit

ex Air North Cessna 402C still wearing titles and
logo endorsed as N375R, awaits its dep on its
trans Pacific ferry at GA ramp on 30 June

Compass introduced leased A310 to supplement
the A300-600 fleet (see following pix),
VH-YMI seen here in June dep Cairns on rw15

a Compass A300-600 about to cross the threshold
of rw33 at Cairns, taken from a Robinson

The then Canberra based US Embassy C-12
 (c/s Eagle) 60163 visited 23 June seen
here in front of the old Cairns tower

as above, an elevated view from the tower

Friday 29 June 2012

P2-KSP DHC-6 heads north

P2-KSP DHC6 Cairns-Port Moresby

P2-KSP DHC6 at Cairns

Thursday 28 June 2012

P2-JON Kingair departs

P2-JON BE20 Cairns-Port Moresby

P2-JON BE20 at Cairns

Altas Air N464MC departs

Altas Air B747-400 N464MC departed Townsville for Sydney. Note this one is in passenger configuration.

Thanks Dave for this great series of pictures of Atlas departing.

Wednesday 27 June 2012

Shorts Belfast now without its registration!

Shorts SC-5 Belfast at Cairns today now without its registration RPC-8020!

Thanks GAFLIKS for the picture.

Shorts SC-5 Belfast at Cairns

F/A-18 activity winds down

The recent exercise in Townsville involving FA-18's has started to wind down after 3 weeks of activity around the Townsville skies.

Thanks Dave for the picture and report.

A21-109 FA-18 arriving Townsville

Giant 7470 B744 arrives Townsville

GTI7470 B744 N464MC A5A98D Honolulu-Townsville

Jetgo seen in Townsville today

VH-JTG E135 Brisbane-Osborne-Townsville-Osborne

Thanks Dave for the report and picture.

VH-JTG E135 in Townsville

Tuesday 26 June 2012

Jetgo commence BNE-OSB services

Jetgo commenced Brisbane-Osborne Mine-Brisbane services today with VH-JTG E135.

Thanks Lloyd for the info and picture.

VH-JTG E135 at Brisbane

Twin Otter C-FASG becomes P2-KSP

Photographed today parked in the hangar at Cairns ex C-FASG now displaying registration P2-KSP.

Thanks GAFLIKS for the picture.

P2-KSP DHC6 at Cairns

Monday 25 June 2012

Virgin ATR-72 starts TSV-ROK services

VH-FVX operated it's first revenue service to Townsville today as DJ1901 ROK-TSV and DJ1904 TSV-ROK.

VOZ901A/904A AT75 VH-FVX 7C1C5B Rockhampton-Townsville-Rockhampton

Thanks Dave for the report and pictures.

VH-FVX AT75 at Townsville

VH-FVX AT75 at Townsville

VH-FVX AT75 at Townsville

P2-THW AS350 heads north

P2-THW AS350 Cairns-Coen......

P2-THW AS350 at Cairns

Twin Otter C-FASG

C-FASG DHC6 Majuro-Cairns, (24/6 Honolulu-Majuro)

Hercules in Isa for special mission

Courtesy of the Northwest Star.

A Royal Australian Air Force Hercules rumbled into town on Sunday and carried away about 20 of Mount Isa's youth to a week long camp at the Amberley Air Base and the Australian Army Aviation Centre in Oakey.


Sunday 24 June 2012

Vincent Aviation Saab340 ZK-VAA

Vincent Aviation Saab 340 ZK-VAA noted at Cairns today now without its Timor Air Scheme & titles!

ZK-VAA SF34 Cairns-Groote Is-Darwin

ZK-VAA SF34 at Cairns

P2-THW / VH-IPW AS350 local flight

P2-THW / VH-IPW AS350 was noted on a local flight at Cairns

P2-THW / VH-IPW AS350 at Cairns

Qantas Link B717 VH-NXJ

QF Link B717 VH-NXJ 7C4515 noted in Cairns for the first time.

23/6 operated QF1850 Ayers Rock-Cairns and was photographed again today operating QF1871 from Darwin and later flight QF1859 to Ayers Rock.

VH-NXJ B717 at Cairns

Saturday 23 June 2012

Hevilift PNG ATR-42

Hevilift ATR-42 P2-KSR operated its first flight to PNG today positioning to Mt Hagen.

P2-KSR AT43 Cairns-Mt Hagen

P2-KSR AT43 at Cairns

Friday 22 June 2012

DRAGON22 and others

DRGN22 A39-004 KC30 Amberley-Townsville-Cairns-Rockhampton-Amberley

DRGN23 A39-003 KC30 ops into Townsville
WGTL06 A30-006 E737 ops into Townsville
ASY023 CS-TQL A343 ops into Townsville

Thanks Dave for the report.

A39-004 KC30A at Cairns

Air North E-170 back on the TSV-DRW service

Alliance Airlines F100's have been operating the Air North Darwin service for the last week. Today saw the regular Air North E170 VH-SWO return to operate the service.

ANO182/183 E170 VH-SWO 7C5E46 Darwin-Townsville-Darwin

Thanks Dave for the picture and report.

VH-SWO E170 at Townsville

Bell 212 P2-DFA

P2-DFA B212 Townsville-Cairns

P2-DFA B212 at Cairns

Thursday 21 June 2012

Virgin Honiara-Brisbane drop-in

VBH4168 VH-YIG B738 Honiara-Cairns-Brisbane

FILE PICTURE - VH-YIF B738 at Cairns

Air NZ A320 ZK-OJH 15 Years title with Star Alliance

ANZ775/776 ZK-OJH A320 Auckland-Cairns-Auckland

Photographed today displaying its title "15 Years" on ZK-OJH Star Alliance scheme to celebrate its 15th year of membership.
ZK-OJH A320 at Cairns

Wednesday 20 June 2012

Virgin ATR-72 final run through before startup

Virgin's ATR72-500 VH-FVX had it's final run through Townsville and Cairns today before starting ops early next month.

VOZ63A/64A VH-FVX AT75 7C1C5B Townsville-Cairns-Brisbane

VH-FVX AT75 at Cairns

VH-FVX AT75 at Cairns

More recent action from Townsville!

Thanks Dave and Steve for providing this great selection of pictures from Townsville on Monday & Tuesday!

A21-26 FA-18 at Townsville, photo by Dave

A21-115 & A21-116 FA-18 at Townsville, photo by Steve

VH-AJJ WW24 at Townsville, photo by Dave

VH-KNS WW24 at Townsville, photo by Dave

A23-020 PC-9 at Townsville, photo by Steve

A21-110 FA-18 at Townsville, photo by Steve

A40-012 MRH-90 at Townsville, photo by Steve

A41-206 C-17 at Townsville, photo by Dave

A21-110 FA-18 at Townsville, photo by Dave

Tuesday 19 June 2012

ASY035 Airbus 340-300 arriving Townsville

ASY035 CS-TQL A343 Sydney-Townsville-Darwin

Thanks Dave for the  great pictures and report!

CS-TQL A343 arriving Townsville

CS-TQL A343 at Townsville

Air Niugini B763 P2-PXV diverts to Cairns

ANG393 P2-PXV B763 enroute Singapore-Port Moresby diverted Cairns due fog at POM.

P2-PXV B763 at Cairns

P2-PXV B763 at Cairns

P2-PXV B763 at Cairns

P2-PXV B763 at Cairns

Twin Comanche N7898P departs

N7898P PA30 391DA0 Cairns-Darwin

Distant picture of N7898P at the end of camera's range!

N7898P PA30 at Cairns