Far North Queensland Skies Cairns and Townsville Airport, Australia

Far North Queensland Skies Cairns and Townsville Airport, Australia

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Wednesday 31 October 2012

FNQ Yestayear Images - October 1991

Thanks GAFLIKS for the Yestayear report and pictures!

Oct 03.
Far from home but a very welcome visitor in the form of DH114 Heron 2, VH-CLV, wearing Airlines of Tasmania titles.

VH-CLV DH114 Heron 2 at Cairns

Oct 05. 
Nearby Innisfail held a fly-in at the local airfield.  The RAAF supported the flying with a DHC-4 Caribou and a C130E (A97-181), both of which put in a spirited performance as did veteran DC-3 VH-AES resplendent in period TAA livery.

A97-181 C130E


Oct 13.
Delivery to Cairns for Cape York A/S was the former Bush Pilots BN-2/3 Trislander (VH-BSP) still wearing Douglas Airways trim as P2-DNP.  Douglas is disposing of its fleet after the winding down of flying operations in PNG.

P2-DNP BN-2/3

Oct 21.
Movement of the month was undoubtable the transformation of local operator DC-3 Queensland, VH-BPN into the 1930’s period colours of Pan American Airways System.  For its ‘15 mins’ of fame it flew from Cairns to Rabaul PNG (substituting Cuban countryside) to appear in the film ‘Bugsy’, a movie on mobster Benjamin ‘Bugsy’ Segel’s activities in that country.  Sadly the footage never made the cut, instead favoured by some file footage of a Pan American Airways System Sikorsky flying boat.  Note System title has been misspelt as Systems.  Shots depict DC-3 taxiing for Rabaul via POM.



OCT 24
Mandarin Airlines commenced scheduled services from Taiwan (TPE) to Australia (SYD) in October.   Seen here is B747SP N4508H which called into Cairns on a tech stop.

N4508H B747SP


During October, Flight West Airlines bought Emb110 VH-FCK seen here still in Sunbird trim, which had been in storage at Cairns since the company ceased operations.  It became VH-XFK.


Oct 19.
More heavy metal appeared in the form of L-1011 Tristar N193AT on a Pacific tour charter.  It was wearing TRAVCOA titles (Travel Company of America) on forward fuselage.

N193AT L-1011

Metro2 VH-EPB of Eastern Pacific was sold to Jetcraft this month becoming VH-UZY, and is seen here on its last visit to Hawker Pacific as such.

VH-EPB Metro 2

RAAF C17 arriving Townsville

ASY804 A41-210 C17 arriving Townsville

Thanks Dave for the picture and report.

A41-210 C17 arriving Townsville

China Eastern Airlines commences services into Cairns

The Inaugural service for China Eastern Airlines began today into Cairns.
Operated by Airbus A330-300 B-6120.
The service will operate twice weekly November, December and January before increasing to three times per week from February.

CES731/732 B6120 A333 7800ED Shanghai Pudong-Cairns-Shanghai Pudong

B-6120 A333 arriving Cairns, Photo by Steve

Transaero departure (final)

TSO8874 EI-XLK B744 Cairns-Fukuoka

File Picture - EI-XLK B744 at Cairns

Monday 29 October 2012

Air Niugini Dash 8 P2-ANL

Arriving as ANG6094 P2-ANL DH8A was Port Moresby-Cairns 28/10.
Noted today heading in for maintenance.

P2-ANL DH8A at Cairns

Tropicair Caravan P2-AMH

P2-AMH C208 Port Moresby-Cairns-Port Moresby

P2-AMH C208 at Cairns

Sunday 28 October 2012

Falcon 900 N82RP

N82RP F900 Cairns-Majuro

N82RP F900 at Cairns

RNZAF 757 departs

KIW286 NZ7572 B752 Townsville-Noumea-Ohakea

File Picture - NZ7572 B752 at Townsville, Photo by Dave

Transaero charter returns, last rotation!

TSO8873 EI-XLK B744 Fukuoka-Cairns

EI-XLK B744 at Cairns

Saturday 27 October 2012

RNZAF 757 arrives

KIW286 NZ7572 Noumea-Townsville

NZ7572 B752 arriving Townsville, Photo by Dave

NZ7572 B752 arriving Townsville, Photo by Dave

Global Express D-AXTM

D-AXTM GLEX Sydney-Cairns

D-AXTM GLEX at Cairns

ASY838 A97-447

ASY838 A97-447 C30J Amberley-Townsville

Thanks Dave for the picture and report.

A97-447 C30J arriving Townsville

Vincent Aviation VH-VNX

VIN342 VH-VNX SF34 Townsville-Cairns, 30/9 Darwin-Townsville

VIN340 ZK-VAA SF34 Cairns-Townsville

VH-VNX SF34 at Cairns

Transaero charter departure no. 3

TSO8874 EI-XLK B744 Cairns-Fukuoka

Thanks to the providers below for the great array of pictures!

EI-XLK B744 departing Cairns, Photo GAFLIKS

EI-XLK B744 departing Cairns, Photo Steve

EI-XLK B744 departing Cairns

EI-XLK B744 and N450TL GLF4 at Cairns

EI-XLK B744 at Cairns

Gulfstream IV becomes N450TL

Arriving into Cairns on 20/10/2012 as N141CP, re-registered now to N450TL!

N450TL GLF4 Cairns-Lochart River-Brisbane

N450TL GLF4 at Cairns

Bell 212 P2-HCI

P2-HCI B212 Cairns-Townsville-Mackay-Emerald, arrived Cairns from North 26/10.
P2-HCI B212 departing Cairns


Friday 26 October 2012

Gulfstream IV N669BJ departs!

N669BJ GLF4 Cairns-Brisbane

N669BJ GLF4 at Cairns

Wednesday 24 October 2012

Transaero charter no. 3

TSO8874 EI-XLK B744 Cairns-Fukuoka 23 Oct and
TSO8873 EI-XLK B744 Fukuoka-Cairns 24 Oct

EI-XLK B744 departing Cairns

EI-XLK B744 departing Cairns, Photo GAFLIKS

Tuesday 23 October 2012

Norfolk Air B733 VH-NLK

ASY783 VH-NLK B733 Darwin-Cairns-Nauru and RON901 Nauru-Cairns-Darwin

VH-NLK B733 at Cairns, Photo GAFLIKS

Falcon 900 N82RP

N82RP F900 Melbourne-Cairns

Sunday 21 October 2012

Farnair Europe ATR-42 in PNG

Photograhed in Tabubil, PNG recently Farnair Europe based in Basle-Mulhouse Switzerland ATR-42 HB-AFC operating freight services in PNG.

HB-AFC AT42 at Tabubil, PNG - Photo by Provider

Saturday 20 October 2012

Airlines PNG Cessna Citation

Photographed today at Cairns P2-SOS C550 Airlines PNG.
Aircraft operated Port Moresby-Cairns 19/10/2012.

P2-SOS C550 at Cairns, Photo GAFLIKS

Falcon 900 N82RP

N82RP F900 Melbourne-Cairns-Melbourne

Transaero Charter flight no. 2 arrives

TSO8873 EI-XLK B744 Fukuoka-Cairns

EI-XLK B744 at Cairns

Gulfstream IV N141CP

N141CP GLF4 Brisbane-Lochart River-Cairns

Friday 19 October 2012

Transaero EI-XLK departs

TSO8874 EI-XLK B744 Cairns-Fukuoka

EI-XLK B744 departing Cairns

Thursday 18 October 2012

Virgin family pics from the North!

Pictures from Cairns and Townsville today of some of the Virgin Australia fleet.

VH-YIH B738, VH-VUT B738 and VH-FVL AT72 at Cairns

VH-VBY B737 (red nose) at Townsville, photo by Dave

McDermott Aviation N232HL

N232HL UH1 Port Douglas-Cairns-Townsville-Mackay...

Wednesday 17 October 2012

P2-HNA BK117

P2-HNA BK117 Townsville-Cairns, ex. ZK-HOU?

P2-HNA BK17 arriving Cairns

Thomson B752 departs

TOM982 G-OOBF B752 Cairns-Siem Reap

G-OOBF B752 at Cairns

Tuesday 16 October 2012

Lynden Air Cargo departs

LYC1069 N405LC C130 Cairns-Port Moresby-Momote-Nadzab

N405LC C130 at Cairns

N405LC C130 departing Cairns

Transaero 747-400 Charter arrives

TSO8873 EI-XLK B744 Fukuoka-Cairns

EI-XLK B744 at Cairns

Monday 15 October 2012

Skytrans Dash 8-100 S2-AAA delivery

S2-AAA DH8A Denpasar-Darwin-Cairns

Arriving in GMG Airlines colours from Bangladesh, to beome VH-QQD (2).

S2-AAA DH8A at Cairns, Photo by Provider

S2-AAA DH8A at Cairns, Photo by GAFLIKS

Lynden Air Cargo N405LC

LYC1069 N405LC C130 Brisbane-Cairns

N405LC C130 arriving Cairns

Thomson G-OOBF arrives

TOM982 G-OOBF B752 400A60 Apia-Cairns

File Picture - G-OOBF B752 at Cairns, Photo by Steve

Saturday 13 October 2012

Cessna Caravan VH-ICL delivery

VH-ICL C208 Majuro-Horn Is.-Darwin

Thanks for the info Mike.

Friday 12 October 2012

Jhonlin Air Transport-JAT Caravan

PK-JBC C208 Mopah-Cairns

PK-JBC C208 arriving Cairns, Photo by GAFLIKS

PK-JBC C208 at Cairns