Far North Queensland Skies Cairns and Townsville Airport, Australia

Far North Queensland Skies Cairns and Townsville Airport, Australia

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Tuesday 31 January 2017

FNQ Yestayear Images - January 1996

The year began with the colourful arrival of VXS-1 National Research Lab's (NRL) NP-3D's 154589 on the 11th. The NP-3D operated several missions out of CNS trialing LADS equipment. It parked on the LADS apron opposite the old control tower on the general aviation side.

File Picture - 154589 NP-3D, Picture taken by Daniel Tanner.

Thanks to GAFLIKS for providing this Yestayear report.

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Sunday 22 January 2017

Cessna 650 Citation III N163JM

N163JM C650 Cairns-Coolangatta, was Coolangatta-Cairns 21/1/2017

N163JM C650 at Cairns.

Friday 20 January 2017

China United Airlines Canadair CRJ-200 B-4011

B4011 CRJ2 Essendon-Cairns-Darwin-Kota Kinabalu

B4011 CRJ2 at Cairns.

Sunday 8 January 2017

Jet Pool Network Luftverkehrs GmbH, Falcon 7X OE-IPW

OE-IPW FA7X Cairns-Nadi, was Sydney-Cairns 5/1/2017

OE-IPW FA7X at Cairns.

French Cessna Citation CJ2 F-ONYY

F-ONYY C25A Cairns-Noumea, was Denpasar-Darwin-Cairns 7/1/2017

F-ONYY C25A at Cairns.

Friday 6 January 2017

Thomson Airways Boeing 757-200 G-OOBC departs

TOM915 G-OOBC B752 Cairns-Siem Reap, was Apia-Cairns 4/1/2017

G-OOBC B752 at Cairns.

G-OOBC B752 at Cairns.

Tuesday 3 January 2017

FNQ Monthly Movements Summary - December 2016

Date Callsign Registration AC Type Route / Location Operator Comments
1/12/2016   P2-HFD C208 CNS-MBH Helifix Operations  
1/12/2016 KNX01 950901 P3 CNS-UAM Korean Navy  
1/12/2016   P2-MSA B214 TSV-CNS-CKN    
1/12/2016   P2-BOB BE55 HID-CNS    
1/12/2016 TROJ02 A97-447 C30J XRH-HID divert CNS RAAF  
2/12/2016 HFY731 CS-TFX A345 CNS-HAN HiFly Charter
2/12/2016 TROJ02 A97-447 C30J CNS-TSV RAAF  
2/12/2016   P2-JAU BE20 BNE-CNS-POM Tropic Air  
2/12/2016   VH-IQG S76 CNS-CKN-CNS Hevilift  
3/12/2016   N163GF GLEX CNS-SYD    
4/12/2016 TROJ02 A97-465 C30J HID-CNS-XRH RAAF  
4/12/2016   B-LCK GLF4 NAN-CNS-HKG    
4/12/2016   P2-JON BE20 BNE-CNS-POM Tropic Air  
5/12/2016   PK-HVI C208 MKQ-CNS    
6/12/2016   N238CH CH47 EMD-MKY-TSV-CNS Columbia Helicopters  
6/12/2016   VT-AML E35L MEL-TSV-PPP    
6/12/2016 KIW48 NZ4205 P3 VLI-TSV RNZAF  
6/12/2016 RRR4527 ZM400 A400 BWN-CNS RAF  
7/12/2016   N238CH CH47 CNS-HID-POM    
7/12/2016 KIW48 NZ4205 P3 TSV-HIR RNZAF  
8/12/2016 CSN335 B-2736 B788 CAN-AKL divert CNS-AKL China Southern Medical
9/12/2016   C-GCBK DH8C CNS-MAJ    
9/12/2016   F-OZIP AT72 KOE-CNS Air Caledonie Delivery
9/12/2016   N988KA B350 DRW-CNS    
10/12/2016   VH-PFQ PAY4 CNS-POM    
10/12/2016   F-OZIP AT72 CNS-NOU Air Caledonie Delivery
10/12/2016   P2-MRM C550 POM-CNS    
11/12/2016   P2-MRM C550 CNS-POM    
11/12/2016 GAP5008 RP-C3032 DH8D CNS-BIK Philippine Airlines Maintenance
11/12/2016   VH-PFQ PAY4 POM-CNS    
11/12/2016   VH-XND CL60 ADL-CNS Surveillance Australia  
12/12/2016   PK-HVI C208 CNS-HID-MKQ    
12/12/2016   P2-SWS BE20 POM-CNS    
13/12/2016 ANG6093 P2-ANM DH8C CNS-POM Air Niugini Maintenance
14/12/2016   P2-SWZ BE20 CNS-POM    
14/12/2016 GAP5005 RP-C3016 DH8C AMQ-DRW-CNS Philippine Airlines Maintenance
15/12/2016 JNA659/660 HL-7743 B772 ICN-CNS-ICN Jin Air Inaugural Service
16/12/2016   VP-CCN GLEX CBR-CNS    
16/12/2016   VP-CPY GLF5 MEL-CNS    
16/12/2016   F-OZLI AT76 KOE-CNS Air Caledonie Delivery
17/12/2016   VP-CPY GLF5 CNS-HKG    
17/12/2016   VP-CCN GLEX CNS-HKG    
17/12/2016 SFZ502 VH-SFV B462 CNS-HGU-CNS Pionair Freight
17/12/2016   F-OZLI AT76 CNS-NOU Air Caledonie Delivery
18/12/2016 JNA659/660 HL7743 B772 ICN-CNS-ICN Jin Air  
19/12/2016   P2-NTK KODI POM-CNS New Tribes Mission  
20/12/2016 RRR4527 ZM400 A400 CNS-NAN RAF  
21/12/2016   P2-NTK KODI CNS-POM New Tribes Mission  
22/12/2016   VH-ICV GLEX SYD-CNS    
22/12/2016 JNA659/660 HL7734 B772 ICN-CNS-ICN Jin Air  
22/12/2016 ASY1057 VH-ZZG DH8B POM-CNS Surveillance Australia  
23/12/2016 SXI1660 F-ORVV AT76 LOP-CNS Air Tahiti Delivery
23/12/2016   P2-KSD AT42 noted CNS Hevilift Ex PR-TTM, in new HL Scheme
24/12/2016 SXI1660 F-ORVV AT76 CNS-NAN Air Tahiti Delivery
25/12/2016 SXI1665 OE-LVL F100 KOE-CNS Alliance Delivery, to be VH-UQY
25/12/2016 JNA659/660 HL7750 B772 ICN-CNS-ICN Jin Air  
26/12/2016 SXI1660 OE-LVL F100 CNS-BNE Alliance Delivery
26/12/2016   P2-KSD AT42 CNS-local-CNS Hevilift Test Flight
27/12/2016   VH-ICV GLEX CNS-SIN    
28/12/2016   P2-KSD AT42 CNS-local-CNS Hevilift Test Flight
28/12/2016 QFA130 VH-QPA A333 PVG-SYD divert CNS-SYD Qantas  
29/12/2016 JNA659/660 HL7750 B772 ICN-CNS-ICN Jin Air  
29/12/2016   P2-KSD AT42 CNS-HGU  Hevilift First Service, ex PR-TTM
29/12/2016   VP-CNP GLF5 OOL-CNS    
29/12/2016   N163GF GLEX OOL-CNS    
30/12/2016 EJM176 N176HS GL5T SYD-CNS    
31/12/2016   N163GF GLEX CNS-HKG    
31/12/2016   VP-CNP GLF5 CNS-HKG