Far North Queensland Skies Cairns and Townsville Airport, Australia

Far North Queensland Skies Cairns and Townsville Airport, Australia

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Monday 30 September 2013

FNQ Yestayear Images - September 1992

As mentioned at the begining of the year, movements for 1992 at CNS are incomplete due to a mislaid log, therefore some images on file cannot be tied up.  As you will have seen in the past months some tie ups were possible, but not all.

September is a case in point where no visitors have been able to be traced.  However this will offer the opportunity to insert some images (in an otherwise blank Sep) as a result of a 1992 one day fuel strike in the southern states which caused a number of carriers to 'top up' in Cairns on their way out.

No date has so far surfaced for this 1992 occurance, so in order for completeness for the year a selection of visitors on that day are featured below.  Apart from Garuda and Thai (both operating A300-600R equipment) on their scheduled flights to and from CNS, these other carriers depicted never visited CNS at this period of time before.  Cathay did not commence till Oct 31, but their pair of B742's offered a taste of what was to come.

All images were taken from the disused control tower on the GA side of the airport prior to its demolision.

Mandarin's 'hot rod' B747SP N4508H leaps into the air

General view during the a'noon action with a Lauda B763 rolling out against a backdrop of 2 x CX B742's, a SIA B743 and a German Cargo B742F

Lauda B763 OE-LAU arriving

Thai International B743 HS-TGD

ANA B742 JA8192 on rotation

A pair of CX742's with VR-HIF in foreground, a domestic parking bay is used for one CX due congestion at the ITB ramp

CX B742 VR-HIF arrives

SIA B743 'Big Top' N121KG rotates

B742F German Cargo D-ABYW arriving

D-ABYW backtracks on RW15, note Pier complex above tree line

Thanks to GAFLIKS for providing this great Yestayear report.

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