Far North Queensland Skies Cairns and Townsville Airport, Australia

Far North Queensland Skies Cairns and Townsville Airport, Australia

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Thursday 28 February 2013

FNQ Yestayear Images - February 1992

VH-CAN DC3 at Cairns
Splitters Creek DC-3 made an appearance during the month in the form of veteran VH-CAN in its colourful livery with Splitter's Creek logo and name 'Madeleine'.  It stayed most of the year and was chartered by DC-3 Australia later in the year when their titles were applied .

PK-OCI B737 at Cairns

Airfast overnighted during the month on the GA side, where B737-200F PK-OCI was photographed on a very clear morning after a seasonal downpour.

Aerial view Cairns Airport

Aerial shot of the GA lines. 
Note the pair of KA-32's lower right.

Now the site of Hawkers large hangar on the GA side, this view shows the old Ansett terminal then being used by Flight West Airlines, which also became a casualty. 

This was the penultimate month of JAL operating their own 747's on the TYO-CNS-BNE route.  In March, Qantas leased three 743's to the airline in a pseudo JAL livery ready to commence operations in April.  Seen here just about to touch down is the lunchtime JAL B743 service arriving from BNE on RW15, shot from a following Bell Jet Ranger.

Hopefully not true, this unorthadox title for a aviation company was endorsed on this Skydiving C207. 

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